On Tuesday, fan favorite Nikolas Bechtel reprised his role on "General Hospital" as the young Cassadine prince. As expected, Spencer is in rare form, having traveled alone from Switzerland, and across the United States, to return to Port Charles. He has his own plans but may get caught up with other issues that are happening around him. Uncle Sonny's driver is chauffering him as he plans to right wrongs and avenge his family. Laura is wondering why "Kevin" keeps avoiding her advances and is also focused on seeking vengeance against Valentin. Ryan, who is impersonating his twin, has his own agenda with Ava, so young Spencer can practically roam free.

Spencer is loose in Port Charles

Laura was shocked to see her grandson in Port Charles because he is supposed to be in a Switzerland boarding school. Ryan, however, was elated to have Spencer show up on their doorstep and is using his presence to keep from being intimate with his brother's wife. Milo whisked the young Cassadine Prince away and his first stop was to confront Ava because she betrayed Nikolas in order to have Valentin pay for her plastic surgery.

The next step was Sonny's, where the teenager admitted to his uncle that he had returned to town to right a severe wrong. Sonny warned his nephew that he had promised to forget about the vendetta against Valentin and Spencer assured him he would not try to vanquish his uncle and reclaim his birthright any time soon.

Joslyn was happy to see the young prince back in Port Charles and was elated over a portrait of Paris that the presented her.

Spencer will be involved in several Port Charles storylines

Soaps She Knows teases that the young Cassadine Prince returned to Port Charles just in time for Fall Sweeps and will be involved in several storylines.

Soap Dirt indicates that Laura's vendetta against Valentin is going to become an obsession, while Ryan continues cozying up to Ava. With his grandma and her husband so preoccupied, it's no wonder Spencer will be left to his own devices.

Young Spencer may possibly be the one to figure out that Kevin is actually his twin, Ryan, which would put both he and his mother in danger.

He could also find out that Oscar is dying and be the one who tells Jslyn the truth. With a serial killer on the loose and Halloween coming up, things will be very interesting in Port Charles. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers related to Nickolas Bechtel's return to "General Hospital."