The good thing about most people is that they do not appear on reality television. When there is a dispute, the situation is not very likely to make the news. Reality stars, their spouses and exes, and a falling out makes for the perfect blend of fans and viewers hungry for more details. The elixir for reality stars is readily-available: If they prefer not to have their personal differences in the public fray, well, they should be sure not to put it “out there,” making it everyone’s business.

Teen Mom stars could teach RHOC men a thing or two about feuding

Since reality stars and drama pretty much seem to go hand-in-hand, it should not surprise that the latest upset involves Shannon Beador’s soon-to-be ex-husband David Beador and Eddie Judge. What is wrong with these men? They haven’t mastered the art of the “Teen Mom” approach, using social media to vent and launch feuds, making it oh so much easier for fans to follow the nuances of their squabbles and maybe slip in a question or a few. (Just a thought if they want to try that technique in the future.)

David Beador disagrees with Tamra Judge

Tamra Judge, one of the stars on the “Real Housewives of Orange County” (RHOC) was a guest on “Watch What Happens Live” hosted by Andy Cohen on October 8.

Now, according to Page Six, Tamra’s husband, Eddie Judge and David Beador, who is going through a divorce involving Tamra’s co-star Shannon Beador, have experienced a rift in their friendship. Oh, no! What’s a man to do? Go to the media to set things straight.

Evidently, David disagrees with how Tamra summarized the two men parting ways.

Tamra simply stated that the two former friends were discussing a Spartan Race, which was held in Lake Tahoe. Eddie intended to go and thought that David would, as well. Eddie mentioned that he would see David in Lake Tahoe. But, no, that was not going to happen.

Former reality star unhappy with Tamra’s comments

Tamra’s understanding was that David was displeased she was supportive toward her co-star Shannon, who is divorcing from David.

Additionally, Tamra believed that David did not appreciate how she spoke about him in the past. According to Tamra and OK! Magazine, Eddie served David a reminder that “it’s TV,” adding a dose of “Get over it.” The drama led to their breakup.

Dissolution of a friendship borne out of reality television

David sees the dissolution of his friendship with Eddie differently. His perspective veers from the way Tamra relayed to Andy Cohen and millions of “Watch What Happens Live” viewers, OK! reported. From David’s vantage point, his breakup with Eddie was more involved.

Texting took place near the end

David texted Eddie, according to what David relayed to Page Six, pointing out that “friends” do not lie on a show, as he contends that Tamra has done with regard to him.

David further stated that if Tamra allegedly lying was “acceptable” to Eddie, then the two men do not have a friendship.

Despite who said what and how it was stated, the bottom-line remains the same. David Beador and Eddie Judge have officially broken off their friendship.

David's ex, Shannon Beador, is thriving, meanwhile. She has a hot bod and a boyfriend, who is a fine-looking man. A different Bravo couple, Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs, have also made recent headlines following their reunion dinner date with another couple. Ravenel and Jacobs were reportedly pouring on PDA. Bravo was able to quit them, after Ravenel's September 25 arrest for alleged assault and battery.

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