Erin Krakow always knows ways to keep “When Calls the Heart” fans smiling. The actress, who portrays the hopeful and resilient Elizabeth Thornton on the Hallmark Channel drama, could offer her own lessons on how to make social media a positive force. The 34-year-old leading lady is known for her famous birthday greetings to many castmates and friends. She seems to never let any special day slip her mind. Earlier this week, followers of Erin Krakow were treated to a lovely image of fall leaves, and the star has been putting some of her fun with new co-stars to motion, posting playful videos.

Erin Krakow also got moving with "When Calls the Heart" castmates and shared a fall verse.

The latest shares from Erin Krakow, on Instagram and Twitter, from October 16 and 17, have gotten hearts of every “When Calls the Heart” fan atwitter. The TV mother-to-be looks absolutely radiant as she gives the world and her community of Hope Valley a first look at her authentic TV baby bump, and fans have lovingly already christened it with a name that the star loves.

Glowing with joy

Being the beautiful and experienced actress that she is, Erin Krakow knows how to make an entrance, setting up a perfect reveal. Her Instagram video opens with only her back visible, as she walks near a barrel with a lovely bouquet sitting on top.

She strolls up to the barrel, and the scene turns slow motion, with her lovely brunette locks of hair twirling in sync with her body. As she spins fully into view, the clear, beautiful vision of her baby on the way is seen from her light blue dress, and her smile completely captures the radiance of Elizabeth’s joy and anticipation.

In another oh-so-sweet post on Twitter, Erin is seen with only her expectant bump between co-stars, Loretta Walsh and Johannah Newmarch, who portray the watchful Hope Valley mothers, Florence and Molly. The experienced moms are lovingly caressing the baby pooch, and it's a sure bet that every mother in Elizabeth's stalwart community will be giving all the advice and support that the young teacher can handle.

Even though Abigail, portrayed by Lori Loughlin, is not pictured beside Elizabeth in these particular baby announcements, she will surely be the source of constant wisdom and love for Elizabeth as she brings her baby into the world. One of Elizabeth's own early adventures was helping Abigail and an expectant mother while also searching for a missing child. Hope Valley residents bond closer than ever in a time of need, and as close as Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin, Pascale Hutton, and the other cast are as friends, there are sure to be plenty more baby pictures. Also, a missing Texas toddler’s sister was placed in foster care by Child Protective Services.

It didn’t take long before the protruding tummy was dubbed “Elizabump” by devotees, and Krakow apparently thinks the name is a keeper until the official arrival.

A warm signal of approval

The news of Daniel Lissing’s departure from “When Calls the Heart,” at the close of Season 5 of the drama, last year, was traumatic for some fans, and certainly brought abrupt changes for the cast, writers, and producers could never have anticipated. Within weeks, Erin Krakow took her character from jubilant bride to bereaved widow, and many fans seemed equally grieved.

Hope and love always resonate through Hope Valley and a joyful reason to celebrate reappeared in the final minutes of last season’s finale, when Abigail tells Elizabeth that she is pregnant. The coming season of “When Calls the Heart” is set to focus on the future and the new relationships for the community.

One of the first messages of approval after Erin Krakow’s happy baby bump bulletins was from Daniel Lissing, who simply offered, “Oh hi!! Baby mama” complete with hearts and heart eyes. Erin sent Daniel a special birthday “Hi” to mark his special day last week.

Now that Elizabeth’s baby bump has been photographed, in both blue and pink, fans will be left to wonder about the exact gender, since there's no sonogram in the 1900s Northwest Territory. With the Hallmark Channel tradition of starting the Christmas season in October, this year, on October 26, and with two new movies starring Erin Krakow, time will fly until Season 6 of “When Calls the Heart” commences in early 2019, and the baby bump will be the baby blessing in Elizabeth's arms.