Olivia Newton-John, 70, has faced cancer three times since 1992, The Fix reported. Self-disclosure in 2018 about her most recent diagnosis of stage four breast cancer was precipitated by media reports erroneously indicating that the singer, actress, and author was nearing death, according to Starts at 60.

Newton-John, unfortunately, but definitely, has experience when it comes to outliving cancer, a disease which the star of “Grease” acknowledges has claimed the lives of “people younger than [her].” She added that she feels “grateful” for experiencing the “gift of extra time,” Starts at 60 also noted.

Her outlook is as essential to her wellness routine as is using cannabis, MSN relayed.

Cannabis aids sleep and healing

The world-renowned and much-beloved entertainer admittedly felt “nervous” about using cannabis her first time, according to The Fix. The benefits, however, diminished her initial trepidation. She describes herself as using “a lot of cannabis” to facilitate her healing. The effects, she said, aid sleep and help manage pain. Opiates, not cannabis, kill people, Newton-John further stated.

Unstoppable positive outlook benefits fight

In addition to having cannabis in her arsenal for battling cancer, Newton-John also has an unrelenting positive outlook assisting her determination that her mental health will remain intact.

She, not her diagnosis, decided that “no matter what” she was going to be all right, most especially while she was still raising her daughter, Chloe Rose Lattanzi, following her diagnosis in 1992, The Fix reported.

She shared the importance of having a positive attitude with Alex Trebek after the host of “Jeopardy!” went public in March with the news that he was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.

‘Grease’ star believes Alex Trebek will ‘do very well’

Newton-John reached out to Trebek, penning a note that affirmed her belief that he “can get through this,” USA Today reported. A helpful aspect is focusing on steps Trebek can undertake to help himself heal, instead of taking statistics to heart.

Her insight and advocacy for maintaining a positive approach "hasn’t been easy [sic],” Starts at 60 stated.

“What you think creates your reality, so it’s a decision.” Having a sense of humor is also essential. She observed that Trebek has “a great attitude” and a sense of humor about his diagnosis, USA Today reported. Newton-John’s belief is that the television game show host will “do very well.”

Husband makes oil from marijuana plants

Having a businessman husband, John Easterling, in her corner, is also an asset for Newton-John. Easterling and the singer and songwriter share a ranch in California, where he grows cannabis, according to USA Today. He produces a liquid form of oil, which Newton-John takes up to five times each day. She describes the plant as one that is “amazing” and “helping so many people,” The Fix pointed out.

‘Don’t Stop Believin’ tells singer’s story

Newton-John’s recently published autobiography is entitled “Don’t Stop Believin’” is her story, not a sensationalized pillow-talk, tell-all, or a kiss-and-tell narrative, MSN pointed out.

She chose to pen her account about her life to counter a film release with the potential to embellish or present a false spin, according to Starts at 60. She described writing her autobiography as a “cathartic experience.”

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