Olivia Jade Giannulli has definitely been living under a microscope since news broke in April of her parents’ alleged involvement in the nationwide college admissions bribery scandal. Her views and attitude toward her college attendance, as well as her missteps, have been scrutinized by onlookers, surveilling her social media and YouTube vlogs.

Punctuation paused trademark application

Her initial application for trademarking "Olivia Jade Beauty” was rejected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The central reason the USPTO took a pass on granting Olivia Jade a trademark was her application was fraught with punctuation errors, USA Today reported on April 9.

While federal authorities accuse her parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, of bribery, the grammar police at the USPTO paused the popular social media influencer from pursuing her passion from applying her cosmetics know-how to a trademark. The federal entity, however, extended an opportunity for Olivia Jade to self-correct the mistakes.

Scandal not stonewalling endeavors

She can take now a bow after fixing the errors and taking a step forward en route to attaining the official trademark not only for “Olivia Jade Beauty” but also for “Olivia Jade,” Page Six reported.

Whether Loughlin and her fashion designer husband negotiate a plea deal or stand trial, their daughter, 19, is making it clear that she still has her sights set on making her mark in the world of beauty.

Kudos to Olivia Jade for not holing up and allowing her ambition to be completely stonewalled by her parents’ alleged endeavors, securing admission for her, and her older sister Isabella Rose, at the University of Southern California (USC).

That her mom and dad allegedly paid $500,000 for their daughters to attend the prestigious college is offensive.

The admissions scam designed to circumvent the acceptance process was a hundred percent preventable – if only (and there is a plethora) the elite would have enabled their college-bound hopefuls to fully immerse themselves in the legal admissions protocols.

Turning around adversity amid bribery scam

None of the students involved deserved to have their parents reportedly bribe officials and coaches to change the outcome of what could have or might have resulted in the absence of their interference.

The former “Full House” and Hallmark “When Calls the Heart” star and Olivia Jade have seen their legitimate endeavors paled by the scandal. Much to Olivia Jade’s credit, she is turning around adversity – even after wide-spread media accounts of her trademark application nearly being trashed.

College student affected by parents’ decisions

Focusing on whether Olivia Jade actually aspired to attend college, based on myriad reports citing elusive, unnamed sources, is futile. The fact is: A young college student has been affected by her parents’ alleged criminal conduct. If only – students were given the chance by their parents to follow their own passions.

Olivia Jade is not the face of shame. She is also not accused of committing a crime.

At 19, who sits around deliberating every word ever shared on social media and the potential impact and fallout, if mom and dad might have engaged in criminal behavior? What would be a shame is to judge someone’s future based on others’ alleged actions.

Success is not for sale

Impressions of Olivia jade should evolve from her choices, which might provide a glimpse into her character. Her future could offer an invaluable lesson for her parents: Facilitate a child, regardless of age, but do not think, for an instance, success in life is a commodity that can be bought or sold on a whim.

Olivia Jade deserves the opportunity to pursue her dreams and future goals – without her parents trying to buy a future that measures up to their ideas. Life does not come with a price-tag affixed.

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