Fans readily recognize Lisa Vanderpump as a staple cast member on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” since the show's debut in 2010, according to the Reality Blurb. When it came time for a cast photo shoot, however, Lisa holed up in a dressing room, refusing to have her picture taken with her co-stars. A photo featuring the cast would be sorely lacking without a central member of the show. Fans and viewers would definitely notice Lisa Vanderpump’s absence.

Co-stars talk about the problem with picture-taking time

Vanderpump’s co-stars, Lisa Rinna, and Erika Girardi appeared to have no reservation about publicly calling out their co-star on social media, according to the Daily Mail (UK).

The duo of reality stars took their frustration to Instagram Live, addressing a co-star who would not budge from refusing to have her photo take with the group of women who comprise the cast of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (RHOBH).

At the time of the live Instagram clip, neither Lisa R. nor Erika called Vanderpump out by name. When Erika did an interview with the Daily Pop, however, she owned her statements, affirming that the Instagram Live message was alluding to Vanderpump, according to AllAboutTRH.

Lisa R. has since deleted the clip she made about Vanderpump. The Reality Blurb reported the content of the clip on October 7.

Rinna reportedly stated, “Somebody is holding out and won’t come out and shoot with us,” adding, “Can you image? Who’s like that?”

Vanderpump feuding with cast members

Vanderpump is in the throes of a feud with nearly all of her co-stars, according to the Daily Mail. The only co-star she is “speaking with” is RHOBH newcomer Denise Richards.

Despite Vanderpump pulling away from the other cast members, her co-stars are reported to have “reached out to her” several times, only Vanderpump has not welcomed their efforts.

Most of the cast does not want to film with famous restaurateur

As a result of Vanderpump’s behavior toward her cast mates, only one co-star is receptive to filming RHOBH scenes with the restaurateur: Denise Richards.

Richards also seems to be hitting it off with co-star Camille Grammer. The two women recently dined in Malibu together, the Daily Mail reported. During their dining time away from Beverly Hills, there was a point when the two “appeared engrossed in conversation.”

Possibly, Richards can serve as a mediator between all the women and bring the cast together for the sake of filming a quality season of RHOBH, which is in its ninth season. Bravo might otherwise, face a taping dilemma. Seeing Lisa only on-screen with Richards could grow old before the close of the season.

Time on reality show will happen ‘when it is right’

Some media reports are speculating whether Lisa V.

is preparing to make her exit from Bravo’s branded Housewives franchise. Vanderpump has been cited by several publications, such as Hollywood Life, as stating that RHOBH would continue if she left. The “end,” according to Vanderpump, will come “when it is right for all of us.”

The upcoming season of popular “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” will broadcast on Bravo at a date not yet released by the network. Bravo's reality show that bears Lisa's name in its title, "Vanderpump Rules," has added another person to its lineup of cast members. Stassi Schroeder confirmed that her boyfriend Beau Clark will be filmed in the upcoming season.

Another "Vanderpump Rules" star, Scheana Marie, appeared to indicate that she is in a relationship.

Scheana dropped fans a bit of a tease on her social media that suggests she is half of an official couple with Adam Spott.

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