Many fans of the popular MTV reality show “Teen Mom OG” were prepared to dislike Bristol Palin, 27, before she even appeared in her first episode of the show that aired on October 1. The principal complaint centered on the fact that her role on the show did not evolve organically since she was not on the original MTV franchise show “16 and Pregnant.”

Additional viewers kept an open mind, curious to see what the eldest daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and four-time champion snowmobile racer Todd Palin might bring to the show.

Bristol, a mother of three children, brought heartbreaking reality into viewers’ lives in the duration of the season opener. Just give her time and she might also show that she, too, can become expert at the type of in-fighting and social media feuds that fans have frequently seen play out between OG (original girl) cast members.

Real life has been very serious for Bristol

Meanwhile, real life has had an even more serious side for Bristol. Everyone knows that war is ugly, the effects on veterans and their families is also not often very pretty, looking at the potential personal toll after veterans return home. Like millions of his peers, Bristol’s husband, Dakota Meyer, 29, has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

He also experiences anxiety.

MTV star’s husband, the lone survivor of his Marine platoon

Bristol’s husband Dakota served the United States as a Marine deployed to Afghanistan. That fact alone is a heavy-duty detail. Compound that information with also knowing that, as a Marine under the age of 30, he was “the only surviving member of his platoon,” People reported.

The probability is that most viewers will never know how it feels to leave a war as the lone survivor of a team, only to face an internal battle from the effects of that war.

Former pregnant teen now known worldwide

That’s just for starters for those who question Bristol’s ability to deliver engaging content to viewers. Secondly, no, her casting did not spawn from “16 and Pregnant.” Nonetheless, her notoriety as a pregnant teen was likely more widely known throughout the world than any of the other cast members when they first appeared on a “Teen Mom” program.

Millions of eyes were on her, initially, during the 2009 Republican National Convention, when her mother became known as John McCain’s running mate in his bid to become the President of the U.S. She was pregnant with her first born, Tripp Johnston, whose father was Bristol’s fiancé Levi Johnston.

Reality in the family

After Bristol and Dakota eloped in June 2016, the couple had two daughters. Their firstborn child together is Sailor Grace. Atlee Bay is the second daughter. Tripp now has his first slot on a reality show. He was cast by ABC on “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors,” Hollywood Life reported.

Bristol need not explain her show presence

Bristol truly does not have to explain why she is on a “Teen Mom” reality show.

Her background and her marriage bear her credentials. Bristol’s and Dakota’s marriage did end in divorce, as viewers will see as the season progresses.

Bristol stated that she believes, “God gave me this platform to be on this show,” the Washington Post reported. She further said, “If I can help or encourage others, then I think that that’s what God wanted me to do.” No one can take away her reason for doing the show.

After the start of her story was broadcast, Bristol succeeded at changing the minds among viewers who steeled themselves to dislike her before her premiere episode. “Despite my best efforts,” one “Teen Mom OG” fan admitted, “I actually kinda like the addition of Bristol. She brings a new edge to the show,” In Touch Weekly reported.

Another fan believes that including Bristol in the cast “freshens the franchise up,” adding, “thank you, Dakota, for your service to our country!”

Also in the realm of "Teen Mom 2" happenings recently, Jenelle Evan's youngest son, Kaiser, underwent surgery. The procedure entailed removing his adenoids. He also had tubes placed in his ears to augment his hearing. Her husband David Eason has also brought media attention to himself (once again) by unleashing his anger on Instagram. The social media networking platform removed photos of Jenelle and the couple's daughter Ensley after people submitted false reports about the images.

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