General Hospitalspoiler alerts tease that exciting drama is about to unfold in Port Charles. Laura has returned and her recent encounter with Valentin brought up the alleged murder of her son. Laura once again was so angry she smacked her granddaughter’s father in the face and accused him of murdering her firstborn.

Valentin kept his composer and once more seemed to be harboring a secret. He suggested to Laura that the prince may have faked his death for the second time. Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt both insist that things are about to heat up within the Cassadine family and that clues given by Alexis might indicate that Nikolas or Stavros may still be live.

The Cassadines are front and Center in Port Charles again

CDL points out that Valentin always side steps Laura’s accusations regarding her son, which can be interpreted that Nikolas is not dead. Spoilers believe Valentin has stashed Laura’s firstborn somewhere and he may resurface soon. Soap Dirt has the same view and both spoilers tease that the Cassadine presence is about to increase in Port Charles.

Spoilers suggest that the two most likely Cassadines to re-emerge would be Stavros or Nikolas and say that Alexis and Sam may have given ”General Hospital” viewers some clues. The watch that Alexis received from her mother is stuck on the time frame of 10:10 even after being repaired. Spoilers suggest there is a significance to these numbers and that something important may happen in Port Charles on the tenth day of October.

With no evidence to prove that Nikolas or his uncle is dead and buried, fans will continue to read whatever they choose into conversations revolving around the Cassadines. Alexis tells Sam that her watch remains at the same time is reviving suspicious that her dastardly family is not through wreaking havoc and soon will be front and center in Port Charles.

The Cassadines never die

”General Hospital” has a history of bringing Cassadines back from the dead and also having them revive other ”Port Charles” residents, who have been presumed to be deceased? If spoiler alerts are correct and 10:10 has great significance then viewers will know a little more by the end of the week. Due to preemption, however, it could be Thursday or Friday before the October 10 episode airs.

Be on the lookout for updated spoilers related to the Cassadines, as both CDL and Soap Dirt promise to stay on top of this storyline. No one ever really does in this family, so Stavros and or Nikolas could be on their way back to ”Port Charles.” Be sure to watch ”General Hospital” weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.