Stassi Schroeder shared a photo on Instagram that was taken with Beau Clark, her boyfriend. She also let her fans and social media followers know that Beau will be included in footage for Bravo network’s reality show “Vanderpump Rules,” according to the Daily Mail (UK) on October 3.

Stassi, 30, met Clark, who is an advertising associate through co-stars Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute. The three women are also best friends on “Vanderpump Rules” and in real life, Us Weekly reported. She revealed the details about meeting Clark to Andy Cohen on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live.”

Reality star’s relationship history is far from where she is now

Relationships have not been all bunnies, butterflies, and rainbows for Stassi.

Turbulent is more like it. First, fans recall there was Jax Taylor, who is now engaged to marry his fiancé and co-star Brittany Cartwright. He proposed on the coastline in Malibu, California, where residents are wondering if there is a serial killer in their scenic area. In the context of Stassi’s and Taylor’s relationship, she had suspicions that Jax cheated on her with another woman. He continually denied her insinuations and flat-out accusations.

As it turned out, Jax actually did cheat on Stassi with Tom Sandoval’s girlfriend at the time. The relationship between Stassi and Jax came to a close before she began dating Patrick Meagher. Their relationship lasted four years, but it was an on and off type of thing, as Us Weekly noted.

During her time spent with Meagher, co-stars believed that he was using Stassi and “Vanderpump Rules” to gain airtime to further his acting career. The breaking point in that relationship arrived when Meagher and the reality show’s namesake, Lisa Vanderpump, had a confrontation. The ordeal caused Stassi to cry. Then, to make it worse, Meagher said his final goodbye to Stassi on their four-year anniversary, Us Weekly reported.

Stassi is feeling ‘really lucky’ with new boyfriend

Stassi captioned her Instagram photo, letting fans know that her beau will be on “Vanderpump Rules, stating, “Baby's first credits #pumprules.” Fans are excited. Not only is it great to see Stassi in a solid relationship with a man who values and respects her, so, too, is it good to see that she is happy.

She describes herself these days as feeling “really lucky,” Us Weekly cited. Her fans and followers might add to that she is deserving of a man who treats her well. She explained that she has not previously had a relationship that feels like the one she shares with Clark.

Boyfriend was reluctant to date Bravo cast member

The couple’s first date was earlier this year, Bravo reported. If Clark had allowed his initial reluctance to go out with Stassi, the match would not have happened. The reason he felt hesitant before actually meeting her was that he did what many people do when interested in someone: He checked her out on her social media.

His impression after perusing her Instagram account and its accompanying photos was that she was likely superficial, thinking that she had breast implants and was chockfull of Botox.

Clark’s mind was changed after he actually spoke with Stassi the first time. He remarked to Us Weekly that he does not think that he previously laughed as hard ever with anybody.”

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