“Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Marie shared a photo taken with Adam Spott on social media that moved co-star Stassi Schroeder to make a notation on Twitter that the duo is not only good friends but “bf/gf,” according to an article by Reality Blurb on October 2. The picture appears to confirm that Scheana and Adam have amped their relationship status from spending a lot of time together or dating to being officially a couple.

The stars’ Bravo show fans and social media followers have known that Scheana and Spott do spend a lot of time together. Their togetherness is actually documented by photos that she has previously shared since June on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, People reported on Oct.


Star’s social media post alludes to the ‘Bachelor’

Scheana alluded to the “Bachelor” in a recent tweet, picturing herself with Spott while they visited Scranton, Pennsylvania. She added the caption, “Made it to hometowns,” replete with a red rose emoji. Spott is from Pennsylvania, E! Online pointed out. Scheana reportedly “loves the Bachelor franchise.”

Followers are not totally convinced the duo is official

While Stassi gave the impression to fans and followers with her acknowledgment tweet that Scheana and Spott are definitely in the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship zone, many other people are not sold on the social media postings as matter-of-fact.

The reservation about whether Scheana and Spott are official could be for good reason.

Subsequent to Stassi’s response, Scheana replied. She didn’t make a comment but might have made a statement to her co-star and followers with a winking face emoji.

Depending on how people interpret the emoji, it could signal satisfaction in seeing that Stassi understood the heads-up, she appreciated her co-star’s reply, or that the original “hometowns” caption was a type of inside joke.

Media also not sure of show’s co-star relationship status

For the most part, entertainment media is also not certain that Scheana and Spott are a relationship item – right now.

In reporting on the now much-written about “hometowns” photo, E! Online questions their status as a couple, writing, “Are they or aren't they?” According to the publication, even after visiting Pennsylvania and New York, Scheana is surely leaving fans to guess.

Uncertainty over Scheana’s and Spott’s relationship status is not the only confusion. Media also seems to be confused over whether Spott is from Pennsylvania or New York. While E! Online noted that he is from Pennsylvania, Radar Online wrote that Spott is from New York.

Scheana did not flat-out state she is Spott’s girlfriend

Regardless of which state hosts the location of Spott’s hometown, Scheana has not directly stated that she and Spott are a couple. She merely intimated the possibility with a tweet and the photo she posted. She stated in an interview with US Weekly that fans will “just have to watch” the show, “Vanderpump Rules,” the upcoming season to determine if she is Spott’s girlfriend or simply a close female friend, according to Reality Blurb. Scheana also reportedly told US Weekly that she is “still single.”

If Scheana and Spott are a couple, there is the possibility that they may eventually have more in common with Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

The "Vanderpump Rules" couple is planning their future together. They were engaged in beautiful Malibu, California, where local residents have wondered if there is a serial killer in their midst.

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