'American Idol' alum, Laine Hardy has found a huge fan base who fell in love with his music, and with his beautiful soul. A devastated little girl got a response from Laine after her mom posted up photos on Laine's Twitter. Seventeen-years-old, and notably lacking in arrogance, the 'Idol' contestant took the time to comfort someone else, despite the fact that he was sent home during Hollywood Week.

Or, maybe it was because he was sent home from 'American Idol' that Laine Hardy can understand some of the pain the devastated young girl was going through.

'American Idol' fans who stopped watching the show

On Twitter, @megansavell86 posted a photo of the heart-broken young lady, who would not even watch the 'American Idol' episode through after Laine Hardy was sent home during the solo round.

As you can see from the caption, she was "VERY UPSET." Many new-found fans of Laine Hardy felt the same way. She was not the only one who wished they could curl up and weep for the young and beautiful man who has brought so much joy to so many Country Music fans.

@Starrymom57 responded with a tweet that said, "However, that’s how I felt when @lainehardy_ was cut too!"

Lexi agreed, posting, "This was literally me. i stopped watching American idol." And "i literally relate to this little girl," said @etvargas.

Yet another Twitter user responded to the devastation of the little girl over Laine Hardy's elimination.

"We are all feeling like this little girl. But Laine, you already have a big fan base it seems so keep doing what you are doing," posted @LHwardtweets.

Laine Hardy responds to tweet

Laine Hardy responded to the tweet and the photos of the little girl crying over his elimination from "American Idol." He took the time to reach out and comfort her.

In reply, Laine posted, "Tell her I said don’t be sad! I’m okay and I’m going to be the best I can possibly be!"

Laine Hardy is recording - is there an EP on the way?

Laine Hardy has dropped some hectic hints on his Instagram that he has not curled up on the couch to cry away his disappointment. Over on his Instagram, the "American Idol" alum has posted photos of a studio and cryptic messages that have his fans hopeful that soon there will an EP on iTunes and music on Spotify.

"Just getting started," Laine captioned on a post showing him singing another number.

This came after he put up a shot of a recording studio, which he captioned, "Stay tuned !! Soon to come!"

So if you were as devasted as this little girl was when Laine Hardy was sent home from "American Idol," don't be sad. Laine cares about his fans. He's keeping them updated and soon, hopefully, all of his devastated fans will be able to listen to a new EP from iTunes or Spotify.