Ready for the arrival of their second son, Seth Meyers and his wife were about to head to the hospital with the help of their midwife for delivery. Alexi Ashe, Meyers' wife, informed the two she would not be able to make it even as far as the car. It was just about a few minutes later that baby boy, Axel Strahl, made his way into the world. Most of the information for this article comes from reports by CNN and CBS News.

Apartment lobby turns into the delivery suite

Mr. and Mrs. Meyers share a New York apartment with their oldest son. The apartment lobby became a delivery suite when Meyers’ wife barely made it there to give birth to her second child.

While Seth fed his son, Ashe, lunch that day, his mother-in-law abruptly came downstairs informing him of the urgency to get to the hospital. After waiting for his sister-in-law to arrive to watch Ashe, Meyers, his wife, his mother-in-law, and their doula friend headed to the lobby to take the elevator downstairs.

The group barely made it to the steps leading out of the lobby before Alexi realized she could not wait any longer to deliver her next born child. She started out by saying the baby was on his way, only to change the narrative to “the baby is out,” in what seemed like just a few moments. After their midwife checked, it was clear their second son could wait no longer. His head was already crowning.

Alexi made the decision to go and lay down in the lobby where she proceeded to give birth quickly. Meanwhile, the Uber meant to take them to the hospital awaited them right outside the door.

The 911 call

Meyers immediately got on the phone with 911 to inform them of the situation. Within roughly a minute-long conversation, he informed them his baby was on the way, it was coming then, and that he had arrived.

Minutes later the fire department and New York police officers arrived on scene to provide further assistance.

Dramatic delivery stories for both babies

Little Axel topped his brother’s birth, who also had a dramatic story himself. Meyers revealed on his show just two years prior that he and his wife had to take an Uber to the hospital to deliver their first son.

With contractions coming very quickly together, the pair was afraid they would welcome their first born child into the world, not only in a vehicle but an Uber rental. Baby Ashe held off and was born roughly 20 minutes later in a traditional hospital room. His new sibling had other plans.

Meyers revealed the news on television during the Monday episode (April 9) of his after-hours talk show, "Late Night With Seth Meyers." He commended his doormen for their efforts, as they had to turn other residents away so the situation could be handled without prying eyes. He also went on to thank the firefighters, policeman, EMTs, his wife’s doctor, and all other professionals and staff members who assisted on the eventful day of his second son’s birth.