Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi reportedly has a net worth of $5 million at the moment but it wasn't always that way. While the longtime reality star and mother of two has tons of sources of income at the moment, including appearance fees, her "Jersey Shore" salary, and income from her store, which includes swimwear, accessories, shoes, and outerwear, she started off with a very humble salary on "Jersey Shore" season 1.

During an April 10 interview with InStyle magazine, Polizzi reflected on her time working at the Shore Store, a T-shirt shop in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, during the MTV reality series' first season.

“We would get $200 a week from the Shore Store,” Polizzi said, via People. And for 30-year-old Polizzi, that was a lot. As she explained, she'd never gotten that much money in just one week and had grown accustomed to getting paid every two weeks.

Snooki doesn't splurge on herself too much

While Nicole Polizzi does enjoy certain luxuries, including car service and designer bags, the longtime reality star said that she only treats herself to expensive bags every six months, if that. As for the rest of her wardrobe, she said she doesn't care much about designer duds.

Snooki loves spoiling her kids

Although Polizzi said she was fairly tame when it came to her own splurges, she admitted to going a bit crazy with her kids.

"I spend a lot on the kids when it comes to new outfits and shoes and toys," she said, adding that she needs to put an end to her excessive spending.

While Nicole Polizzi knows that spending tons of money on her kids isn't the best decision, she did say that she loves that her career has provided her with the ability to give her children the opportunity to go to a good college.

She then said that she plans to teach her children to be hard workers.

Snooki is already planning for retirement

While Nicole Polizzi said that she doesn't have plans to ever stop working, because she loves what she does, she also confirmed that she has already set up a retirement account for herself. As she explained, she wants to be smart about her future but loves having her own brand.

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