"American Idol," 2018 has one contestant that fans over on Instagram are giving a whole lot of love. Laine Hardy, the young country singer, has a velvet voice. His appealing smile, cuteness, and talent are attracting more and more fans.

Laine Hardy fan pages are sprouting like mushrooms on Instagram, but the "American Idol" contestant also keeps his fans updated with videos and fun pictures all the time.

One of his newest posts shows him just having fun and that appealing Laine Hardy smile is irresistible.

Laine Hardy requests from fans

Laine gets a lot of requests from his fans to put out covers, and he does, but as one commenter wrote, they are still waiting for another one (no pressure)!

Never to worry though, his singing is that great that they don't mind going back to watch the older ones.

Here's one from about a week ago. Poor Laine Hardy was battling to get rid of a cold, but he put it out there for his fans.

Whole lot of love for 'American Idol' star

The thing about Laine's Instagram that stands out, is that there are hardly any trolls. Most people who get even a vague flutter of success are trolled incessantly on social media. Maybe it's the love, the soul, whatever - that just shines through this young man with an appealing smile and a velvet voice.

Here's what some fans are saying about their favorite "American Idol" contestant, Laine Hardy.

Instagram user maymie_levi_17, posted, "I'm in love with you voice.Your my favorite Americanidol!" Then there was zuj.ch, who said, "My fav for american idol come on, you have fans right now hahahaha."

It looks like Laine Hardy fans come from across the world.

This one came from the Philippines - (moreaboutjesse) "I'm a big supporter of you from the Philippines!! Way to go @laine_hardy i'm rooting for you!! "

Closer to home, rlockard posted, "Cute cute cute cute cute you’re cute and so his he omgg."

What's up with Laine at Easter?

Good Friday, Laine Hardy posted a new Instagram post.

He captioned it with,"Love Louisiana." This young man is certainly putting Louisiana on the map!

Of course, there were lots of nice replies to his post. And some of them were from the other side of the world. One from ata_manoelank, came from Indonesia. They posted, "Hai Laine.. im your fans from indonesia ."

Laine Hardy "American Idol" fans are hoping with all their heart and soul that he will keep on getting through the contest rounds.

But if he doesn't, they at least know that there are plenty of opportunities to listen to him sing as he is doing more gigs. Recently he sang with The Band Of Heathens and shared the video with his fans.

You can watch the video below.