'American Idol' Laine Hardy was sent home after his Hollywood Week Solo. His fans are crushed as he never made the Top 24. Perhaps his song was not the best choice, but Luke Bryan wondered if his voice was going. Katy Perry was disappointed while the judges were talking quietly. Lionel Richie pointed out that even if that was the case, a singer has got to be able to do a tour.

Laine Hardy is out of the 'American Idol' 2018. Some fans over on Instagram are trying to get a petition going, and others are trying to get Laine a manager via friends of friends in the entertainment industry.

Over on Instagram, Laine's posts had averaged about 14,000 likes but his farewell message was liked by nearly 19,000.

His message read, "Well my journey has ended with American Idol, but much more to come in the future. Thank you to @americanidol @lukebryan @katyperry@lionelrichie and to everyone that has been following my journey."

'American Idol' had tremendous talent this year

Laine Hardy was up against some tough talent, but his fans were hoping for at least the Top 24 or Top 10. Laine kicked off with a blast at his first audition, somehow got through the girl group and the Bieber song, and crashed and burned with his solo. Laine is shy though and it is obvious that he is totally correct in saying that the show helped him with this issue.

On the "American Idol" show, he said,"I feel like I'm building up my confidence." Hopefully, he has got more confidence now, and that this blow won't take him down. It would be a tragedy to see such talent fade away into history.

What Laine Hardy's Instagram fans are saying about their 'Idol'

As nan_a.k.a_laine_hardy posted - "You’re still my Idol.

" Then there were messages of hope for the future. User dalesxploss wrote, "Bummer man! There is a boat load of talent on the show this year, pls don't be discouraged. I enjoyed your voice. Keep putting the time in and enjoy it at the same time. I and many many others look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

All the best."

Instagram user banbanbigbang commented, "Many more experiences and blessing to come in the next years ⭐️ God bless you @laine_hardy."

Laine on Twitter

There were also comments from Twitter, where Laine posted, "Didn’t make it to top 24 but I’m happy I got to experience everything that happened in Hollywood!! Thank you @AmericanIdol @LionelRichie @katyperry @LukeBryanOnline for everything !!"

Just like the Instagrammers, some fans are asking if they can do anything to bring Laine back to the "American Idol" show.

Other users agreed, writing, "Count me in," "Yes Please" and "Can we?"

But others were more realistic and here's a comment that makes total sense from user Ashey The Fearless, "Laine, I was on the crew in NOLA when you auditioned, and you literally stopped everyone in their tracks.

You were breathtaking, and I'm glad you didn't win, because now you're free to pursue your career unencumbered. You're absolutely going to go far. I'll be keeping tabs."

Well, it looks like Ashley The Fearless is not the only one who will be following Laine Hardy as he moves on from "American Idol" and explores his full potential. Fans just hope he stays in touch and keeps them updated going forward.