Every year there seems to be a new issue with security, leaks, and spoilers around "Game of Thrones." Two years ago, the first five episodes were leaked online, meaning fans were weeks ahead if they decided to download them (even illegally). Last year, HBO decided to offer no screeners due to the spoilers and leaks. However, that hasn't stopped leaks and issues from occurring this year.

HBO was hacked earlier this week. It led to a script for one of the "Game of Thrones" episodes being stolen and published online. What does this mean for the fans and the show?

HBO working closely with law enforcement

Hacking can seem like a victimless crime, but it certainly isn't. Cybersecurity is extremely important for the cable network, and it is currently working very closely with law enforcement to find out who hacked the system. This will (hopefully for HBO) mean that the person can be caught and prosecuted.

The amount stolen wasn't just the one episode. A total of 1.5 terrabytes of information was stolen, which means episodes and other data were taken from the servers. This is not likely just "Game of Thrones" material and will involve other HBO shows, too. However, "GoT" is the biggest issue for the network, as it is already the most pirated show of all time.

In fact, this season has seen it reach 90 million illegal downloads for the first time!

HBO is not alone

Hackers are everywhere, and HBO is definitely not alone in dealing with threats. Disney and Netflix have both recently been targeted by hackers due to the release of highly-anticipated movies and shows. People wanted "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" and "Orange Is the New Black" season 5 long before everyone else.

What is slightly different is that the hackers sent out an anonymous email to journalists about the "Game of Thrones" hack. The hackers would like people to share the content and even informed journalists that they would do an interview with whoever shared it the farthest. It's unclear just how many journalists have opted to click the link that was shared and whether there has been anything negative since.

After all, links could mean viruses.

The "Game of Thrones" script has reportedly been shared publicly online. However, many publications are urging fans to remain loyal to the show. After all, reading the script is one thing. It's all about seeing the actors portray the words on screen. Nothing can overtake the brilliance of the filming, the graphics, and the slight changes to scripts while filming.