For months, “Suits” fans have speculated about the loss of two very special people from the show. Patrick J. Adams and Megan Markle were in the middle of rumors about walking away from the legal drama, which led to the belief that the series would be cancelled completely. However, “Suits” season 8 has now been confirmed.

Along with the confirmation, Adams has confirmed that he is leaving the show. Markle also previously confirmed her decision to leave the series, around the time of the announcement of her engagement to Britain’s Prince Harry.

Dule Hill stepping into the gap

It’s not going to be easy to fill the gap, but Dule Hill is going to attempt it. Fans will get to see more of his character in the second half of “Suits” season 7, which Adams and Markle will still be a part of. The two aren’t leaving until the season 7 finale, which means the writers have had plenty of time to create a believable storyline for the two to exit.

Hill came into the series at the start of season 7 as the recurring character Alex Williams. Initially Alex and Mike Ross (played by Adams) didn’t get along, but started to see eye-to-eye. This allowed fans to appreciate Alex’s character more.

A wedding-themed exit

The good news for fans is that the exit storyline for Mike and Rachel will be epic.

In a two-hour season finale, the two will finally tie the knot. Its been an even that fans have been desperate to see for the last seven years, and almost happened in the season 5 finale. However, Mike shocked all by choosing to make a plea deal that saw him go behind bars.

There were questions about whether Mike and Rachel would survive the separation.

It was certainly hard, but they accomplished it, much to “Suits” fans' delight.

Season 7B will premiere on March 28 and wrap with the two-hour finale on April 25. This is just weeks before Markle’s real-life wedding to one of Britain’s most beloved princes.

‘Suits’ spin-off still happening

As “Suits” season 8 is confirmed, there is also the news that the spin-off is still in the works.

Gina Torres left the legal drama as a series regular, but has stepped back in as a recurring guest star now and then. Her character, Jessica, left the legal practice in the hands of Harvey and Louis. The spin-off will focus on her in her new practice in Chicago.

Some fans wanted to see the parent show come to an end, missing Jessica from the series. They want to see Gabriel Macht’s Harvey leave for Chicago to return under Jessica’s shadow, even though it would be a step back for the character. However, the spin-off could see Harvey help now and then and could also see Mike and Rachel show up in the near future for one-off episodes.