52-year-old Elizabeth Hurley can still wow folks with her hot beach body, as evidenced by some incredible Instagram photos. "The Royals" star shared her surprising weight loss tips which seemed to work wonders to keep her young. But some are questioning how much of this paragon's sexiness is down to healthy living and how much stems from plastic surgery such as a tummy tuck, Botox or breast implant procedure.

Elizabeth Hurley offers appetizing weight loss advice

In order to keep her trim, shapely figure after 50, the former girlfriend of Hugh Grant had some curious suggestions to lose weight: eat (but do it at specific times).

Liz Hurley admitted that she used to snack late at night and before bed. Now, the Estee Lauder model consumes the bulk of her caloric intake earlier in the day. This helps satisfy hunger and avoid mindless snacking. Her diet is mainly ketogenic with whole grains, fiber, vegetables, low sugar, fish, and lean meat. She credits this clean diet for keeping her slender.

Liz Hurley nixes potatoes of the couch kind

Even more than diet, the ex-girlfriend of Shane West keeps active. Her concern is that with age, it's easy to become a couch potato. It's interesting to note that the exercises Hurley engages in are regular activities such as hiking and dog-walking. There was no mention of the dreaded r-word (running) or w-word (workouts).

Some people espouse rigorous, hardcore exercise as the be-all-end-all while the very thought of it turns many would-be healthier folks, including bombshell Sophia Vergara, off from fitness altogether.

'The Royals' star polarizes folks

Whatever Elizabeth Hurley is doing, Yahoo commenters agreed that it's working. What they disagreed over is what she is or has done to get her amazing beach body.

Some argue that the celebrity is just lucky to have been born with good genetics, and to have time to workout and money to afford expensive health food. Others jeered those comments as body-shaming and excuse-making. It was pointed out that obesity is largely a choice. One countered that walking and eating healthy don't cost any more than laying around watching TV and eating junk food.

They may even cost less.

Liz Hurley provokes plastic surgery questions

Its been suggested that part of "The Royals" star's beauty is based on cosmetic surgery. No one suggested that she'd had a tummy tuck and the Instagram photos show no evidence of scars. But liposuction or coolsculpting aren't out of the question. Its been rumored that Hurley underwent breast implant surgery. It was noted that although she isn't much bigger body-wise than she was in her thirties, her breast are significantly bigger. Boob job or not, the verdict is that Liz looks better at 52 than many women do at 25.