"Quantico" may have lost two important characters from just one actress, but season 3 will see a new face. Jocelyn Turner is going to be the new ex-FBI agent to the group, played by Marlee Matlin. The character will be partly deaf, after losing her hearing in an op gone wrong. It's unclear just how her character will be brought into the show and what the overall storyline is going to be this time.

'Quantico' season 2 ended with a series finale-style end

When "Quantico" season 2 came to an end, nobody really knew what to expect. The show had to be filmed in a way that worked as both a series and a season finale, just in case ABC decided not to renew it.

At the last minute (after the finale) the show was picked up for a third, but shortened season. Fans then learned that the show would move from the fall lineup to a midseason lineup.

The blow for all was the loss of Nimah and Raina. Yasmine Al Massri shared after the season 2 finale that she wasn't coming back to the show. Rather than replace the twins with a character of similar descent and religion, the show has opted for another blonde, white character in the form of Jocelyn Turner. The difference this time is the actress is partially deaf.

Ex-Undercover FBI agent joining the team full-time

Matlin will join "Quantico" season 3 as a series regular. Her character is a former FBI agent, and one known as the best undercover agent there was.

Unfortunately, a bomb blew up in her face and she was left partially deaf. Rather than find her another role to play in the organization, Jocelyn was removed from duty. For some reason, she will get called to work within the special task unit created for whatever the event is for this season.

Matlin is the only deaf actress to ever win an Academy Award.

She is also part of the National Association of the Deaf, and a prominent force to be reckoned with. It isn't surprising that ABC has opted for a real deaf actress to play a deaf character. "Speechless" will also see an actor with cerebral palsy play a character with the same disability on the screen.

The loss and addition of actresses aren't the only change "Quantico" season 3 will see.

Showrunner Josh Safran decided to step down and the helm is now in the firm hands of Michael Seitzman. There will be just 13 episodes in the third season, compared to the 22 in the last two. This is likely to be shot with a single timeline after the dual timeline was dropped partway through the second season for being too confusing.