Not everyone has the time to get to the spa on a monthly basis. Nor do you really want to. A lot of the money you spend on pedicures, manicures, massages and more can be better kept in your bank. There’s no need to spend hours creating lotions that you’ll never end up using, because they just don’t smell as great as Pinterest promised. It’s time to go the lazy girl route with these top beauty hacks.

1. Add a bit of peppermint oil to your lip gloss

Let’s start with getting those beautiful, eye-popping lips. You don’t need to get lip fillers or waste money on extravagant products.

All you need is a little bit of Peppermint Oil and your usual Lip Gloss. You see, mint is a powerful addition to any beauty routine and also offers a range of other health benefits. All you need is a couple of drops in your standard lip gloss and you’re good to go until your lip gloss runs out. If you tend to use Vaseline or something similar, add a small drop to your finger before dipping into the tub.

2. Lighten your foundation with moisturizing cream

Did you purchase the wrong foundation from the store? Don’t worry; it’s not a complete waste of money. You can make your darker foundation a little lighter by adding some moisturizing cream to it. This can also help to make the makeup easier to apply and keep your skin from drying out throughout the day.

You win on all sides!

3. Do eyes or lips (never both)

When you’re in a rush, there’s no need to focus on both lips and eyes. It’s tempting, but you’re wasting effort. Just apply makeup to one or the other. If you are going to do the eyes, you don’t need to go for eye shadow, eyeliners and mascara, just a bit of mascara to make your eyelashes pop is perfect.

4. Contact lens solution in your mascara

As your mascara gets older, it will start to go a little clumpy. This isn’t necessarily a sign that you have to throw it away or follow some time-consuming tip on Pinterest. It’s time to pull out the Contact Lens solution. Add a few drops and mix everything together. The solution is safe to put in your eyes and your mascara will just sit on your lashes.

Throw out contact lens solution that’s been open for more than three months and get rid of your mascara at this time too.

5. Moisturize your feet through the night

Add a little Vaseline or peppermint oil to your feet and apply socks. Wear them overnight, so your skin soaks in the moisture as they heat up. Start by doing this nightly to soften the skin on the heels and balls of your feet and then opt for once or twice a week. Menthol on the feet when you have a cold will help you get over your symptoms quicker.

Make the most of quick beauty hacks. They’re inexpensive and take just minutes to complete. Some of them you only need to do every now and then.