When “iZombie” season 3 came to an end, fans were left shocked. Ravi, one of the main human links to the show, was potentially turned by Liv. Of course, it was a case of all being for science. After failing to create a cure, he’d managed to create a potential vaccine and the only test subject was himself. The big question all year has been whether Ravi is a zombie or not.

The trailer for season 4 has now been released and gives us a hint of the things to come. One of those hints may be about what has happened to Ravi.

Ravi the zombie?

The big question is whether he’s turned into a zombie and the trailer hints that it’s possible.

At one point, he is seen naked with a little fleck of white in his hair. “iZombie” fans will remember that the hair turning white is one of the first signs of zombie-ism. Being naked is completely out of his personality, which suggests he’s eaten the brain of an exhibitionist and taken on that personality.

There is a later clip of Ravi chomping down on a brain. Again, it suggests that he has definitely been turned and now Clive will be the only human left out of the group. It also means Ravi is back to the drawing board when it comes to a cure or a vaccine.

An ‘iZombie’ hybrid?

A popular theory is that Ravi is actually some sort of zombie-human hybrid. It’s not clear how that would work. Could Ravi actually not need brains to survive yet still get the craving for them?

Does he still have some of his human side but with a twist of zombie-ism in there? One theory is that he could be like “Blade,” where he has the strength of zombies and the craving for blood but doesn’t have any of the weaknesses.

The idea that he’s a hybrid comes from the look of his hair. It’s just a fleck of white, suggesting that he’s not completely turned.

The vaccine may have had some sort of effect on him.

When will fans learn?

Ravi’s fate will definitely be revealed in the first episode of “iZombie” season 4. Ravi will spend the whole episode naked, which will be interesting to see how The CW handles it. Why he is naked will also likely come up. There’s hope that a mention of the vaccine (and whether it did or didn’t work as expected) will come up during the premiere.

“iZombie” season 4 premieres on February 26 at 9/8c on The CW. It’s a new night, so remember to block out the timeslot and set the DVR! The episodes air on Netflix Canada and some other selected parts of the world the next day and it will also be available on the CW App the following day for those who can’t watch it live.