"The Last Kingdom" season 3 still hasn't been confirmed or denied by the BBC, but there are many fans hoping that it will be picked up. One fan in particular is George R.R. Martin, author of the novel series "A Song of Ice and Fire." This is the novel series that turned into the epic HBO series "Game of Thrones." It isn't that surprising that "The Last Kingdom" has found a fan in Martin, especially since the Dane series' writer Bernard Cornwall has praised "Game of Thrones."

George R.R. Martin enjoys the loyal adaptation

Unlike many other shows that have adapted from book to TV, "The Last Kingdom" has stayed extremely loyal to the source material.

There is very little that has been completely changed, meaning books fans will know exactly where the series is going. The novel series, called the Saxon Stories, has also stuck closely with history. Although Uhtred is a fictional character, King Alfred is extremely close to the real king of the period.

Martin said that he liked how close the BBC stuck with the book series. He also complimented the writing style of Cornwall, saying that the books have been written extremely well and characters developed fully. This is similar to the praise from many of Cornwall's fans, who are looking forward to the next two books in the series. Unlike Martin, Cornwall stuck to his planned timetable for new books in the series.

One problem with 'The Last Kingdom'

The "Game of Thrones" author does say there is a problem with the series about the Saxon-born Dane, Uhtred. The series doesn't have a big enough budget. It could be much better.

Of course, one argument against this is there's no need for all the CGI. Cornwall's series doesn't involve any dragons.

In fact, "The Last Kingdom" has been dubbed "Game of Thrones" without the dragons. They do have a similar style in terms of time period, warring factions, and disloyalty among clans and houses.

Martin would like to see a third season of the Viking drama. The first two seasons adapted the first four books. Cornwall has already said that the BBC can have the other books in the series if the network wants, as he is also extremely happy with the way the stories have been adapted.

He says there are six more books currently written, and two in the works.

"The Last Kingdom" is currently jointly produced by the BBC and Netflix. If the BBC chooses not to pick up a third season (although this is unlikely), Netflix could pick it up.