Ami Brown of "Alaskan Bush People" is now down to just 84 lbs. and the fans are really concerned about her. She celebrated her birthday this week and Radar Online is sharing that this happened while her family set up vigil around her bed.

Everyone gathers around Ami's bed

It turns out that all seven of Ami's kids were there for her birthday. They were all hanging out with her and enjoying the day. Sources say that she is now 84 lbs and in stage four cancer. The family hasn't confirmed this yet, though. There is a lot of concern that this could end up being her last birthday so of course, the kids wanted to be by her side.

Not long ago, Ami brown revealed that she has a less than 3% chance of survival. Things are not looking good for her, but you never know what could end up happening. The fans have been praying for a miracle. Ami shared that "everything hurts."

The family isn't roughing it

Gabe Brown shared a picture where you can see that he is in West Hollywood. Ami has been spending time in a hospital in LA. It turns out that Gabe won't be returning to the show if it comes back. They seem to have left Alaska and moved on. Honestly, it would surprise everyone if the Brown family ended up back in Alaska to film another season. There may be more to come from them, but it probably won't be the same type of show that the fans are used to seeing.

Rain Brown has been pretty active on social networks, too. She recently shared a picture of two coyotes in LA. They are still finding a way to get out in the wilderness of the area at least. She has also shared photos of Birdy Brown letting everyone know that she is in the area with them as well.

Joshua Bam Bam Brown has also announced that he doesn't want to come back to the show at all if it returns.

Instead, he has bought a yacht and is living on it with his girlfriend. The rumor is that they actually want to go to the Bahamas and live on their boat there. Matt Brown is there with them all as well in LA.

One other thing is that the Brown family was living in a very nice house, but now they have allegedly moved out of it and are now living in a hotel.

It looks like they are living a totally different lifestyle than they used to live in Alaska.

Are you shocked to hear how Ami Brown is doing? Do you feel like "Alaskan Bush People" will be back for another season? Sound off in the comments section below, and hopefully, news will be out soon that "Alaskan Bush People" is coming back to Discovery again in the future.