The latest updates and spoilers for "Daredevil" season 3 will feature Sin-Eater as the main villain and a new plot based on the "Born Again" storyline.

Aftermath of 'The Defenders'

Charlie Cox revealed new details for "Daredevil" season 3 as he teased that the end of "The Defenders" will indicate Matt Murdock's next journey into the show. Cox told The Hollywood Reporter that the third season will cover the vigilante's most iconic and emotional story arc, "Born Again."

"That's such an amazing story. Everyone who loves Daredevil loves Born Again. You can't not," Cox said.

"And if that's the case, then the implications of that would be very exciting to me. That would be great."

The "Born Again" arc will focus on Wilson Fisk orchestrating the physical and emotional destruction of Matt Murdock, after discovering his identity as Daredevil. It was Karen Page who told Fisk about Matt's alter-ego in exchange for more drugs to fuel her addiction.

Of course, the producers of the Netflix series will not likely turn Deborah Ann Woll's character into a desperate drug user since she has been depicted as a very important figure in the show than her comic book counterpart.

The story arc will also introduce a nun named Maggie, who is actually Matt's biological mother. Maggie's name was first mentioned at the end of "The Defenders" when Matt was about to wake up from his coma inside a chapel.

Enter Sin-Eater

Another street level Marvel villain will make his debut in the third season of the Netflix series as casting details for the character have been revealed online.

According to "That Hashtag Show," the character is operating under the name "Steve" and he is described as an athletic, but socially awkward FBI agent who needs structure and rules to suppress the darkness within.

He is a responsible and resourceful person, but with a hair trigger temper.

THS speculated that Steve, in "Daredevil" season 3, could be Stanley Carter a.k.a. Sin-Eater. The villain was first featured as a minor villain for Spider-Man in the comics. Carter is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who gained superhuman abilities through several experimentations.

He became a ruthless vigilante who is determined to kill everyone in power that has corrupted or abused their authority.

For now, the showrunners have not yet commented about Sin-Eater's inclusion into the third season and Marvel fans will have to wait for further announcements soon.