Alaskan Bush PeopleSeason 7 returns with many revelations and people who tune into the show are getting nervous every time a new episode airs. Last time, Ami’s condition was revealed and it brought the audience into a heartbreaking scenario. But, prior to this, Ami and Billy’s eldest son was reportedly rushed to the hospital. A freak incident involving a Mason jar and explosive caused the commotion and injured Matt’s head. However, a recent leak suggests that Matt wasn't alone when the incident happened and someone else might have also been hurt.

Who else might have been hurt that night?

The tip came from the Facebook fan page called "Alaskan Bush People Exposed," which hinted that someone we know could have been hurt during that fateful night. The post wrote, “Matt was not alone that night and someone else was hurt.” Note that there will be some potential episode spoilers ahead.

This quickly elevated the issue ahead of the official airing of “Alaskan Bush PeopleSeason 7 new episode. But who could have been hurt aside from Matt? According to a commentator named Renee Butka, it might have been Kenny Worrell of Hoonah. Kenny is known for his level of crazy and has been closely involved with Matt. He once helped Matt when the Browns demolished a woman’s shed and collected all the loot back in the Alaskan Bush, TV Insider reported.

Thus, another commenter named Brandon Hall suggests that Kenny and Matt were making moonshine. And eventually, the duo got really drunk while making the explosives which led to the accident.

Matt hurt his head during the mishap

Days ahead of its return to television “Alaskan Bush People” drop an update regarding Matt’s mishap.

The show has announced that the eldest among the Brown siblings are finally back into shape and his recovery went smoothly.

He even thanked his fans for their well-wishes and support through his Facebook fan page. “Thank you to everyone for your well wishes following my recent accident. I am doing well and recovering with my family,” he said.

Matt Brown is spotted in good condition

On the other hand, fans were able to have photo ops with Matt and the rest of the Brown siblings. But Matt's recent outings suggest that he has totally recovered from the incident. The family is in Dolores, Colorado for Noah and Rhain's rumored wedding ceremony. Billy and Ami also made an appearance in nearby Arizona perhaps to attend the said occasion.

Alaskan Bush People” Season 7 airs every Wednesday on the Discovery Channel at 9 PM.