"90 Day Fiance" fans have noticed that Zied can be a bit bossy sometimes. Well, it turns out that he knows that he is and isn't afraid to admit it. This week he found a photo of Rebecca's ex on her phone. Zied was not happy about it at all. Of course, people don't want to see pictures of their significant other with someone they used to date. Zied was less than thrilled about it.

Zied buys an engagement ring

Zied bought her an engagement ring on the recent episode. The thing to remember is that he did it with her money. He told Rebecca that he needed the money for his sister, but it was really for her.

So far, he hasn't given it to her yet and fans will have to wait and see how that pans out in the end.

He found this photo before giving her the ring. Zied got very upset over the photo. Rebecca played it off like it was just something she forgot to delete out of her phone. Zied still wasn't happy about it, though. This could end up ruining their fun time together on a trip to the desert.

This is not the first issue that they have had over him being jealous. Zied does not want her to wear out anything that is lowcut. He doesn't feel like it is good for his culture, but he also doesn't want people looking at her. Zied accused someone else of looking at her tattoos. Rebecca does have a lot of these and people are going to notice them.

More news to come

There is more news to come to Zied from Rebecca still, though. She is still married and hasn't told him yet. Of course, she is done with her ex-husband, but the divorce isn't final. He is not going to be happy about this news either. Once Zied finds out you know that his jealousy is going to show. It could end up causing him to not even propose to her.

It was really bad timing for him to find this photo of her with her ex in her phone. The guy also happens to still be her husband, but Zied doesn't know that part just yet.

At least, Zied realizes that he is a bit controlling, but maybe he needs to think about changing that if he wants to keep Rebecca. The couple isn't even married yet, so she can always change her mind as well.

Everyone is going to have to wait and see if this couple ends up making it work.

Both of them have been posting on their Instagram accounts. The thing is TLC doesn't want them to let out any secrets, so it is hard to tell if they are still together or if they are posting old photos. So far, it looks like things are going well for the couple, but you just never know what is going on.

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