Things are changing for Bam Bam Brown of "Alaskan Bush People." A lot of people aren't sure if the show will even continue and now it turns out that Bam Bam is living the Luxury Life with his new girlfriend. He quit the show even though he met her on the show because she is a producer. Now fans have figured out what he is doing.

What is Joshua Brown up to now?

It turns out that Bam Bam has moved on and is now living on a luxury yacht with his girlfriend. The Hollywood Gossip shared the details of what is going on. Joshua, who is also known as Bam Bam, has been dating Allison Kagan for a while now and these two seem to be really happy together.

Brown actually is the one who bought the boat from the previous owner in Charleston, South Carolina. This boat is 100 foot long and is named “Osprey.” It sounds like Bam Bam Brown has found his perfect home. Right now they are in Charleston, but the rumor is that they plan to move the boat to the Bahamas. That is not the same as Alaska at all and it looks like Bam Bam Brown is ready to really move on. His family is all in the lower 48 states right now and focused on how his mom Ami Brown is doing with her cancer battle.

What is going on with the Brown family?

It turns out that Ami Brown isn't doing very well and has shared that she may not have much longer to live. It really surprises a lot of people that Bam Bam might not want to be right by his mom over the next few months, but he could still be visiting at least.

Ami has admitted that she has stage 3 cancer, but there have been rumors that it is stage 4. The fans really would like an update on how she is doing, but she isn't telling them very much.

Everyone is really curious to know if Bam Bam is going to end up going to see his mom in the hospital or if he already has. The fact that he hasn't been around like the rest of the family really does surprise everyone.

It looks like he is moving on and doing his own thing. Living in the Bahamas would make it where Bam Bam couldn't even meet up with his family very often and it would be shocking if they decided to go clear there to visit him and his girlfriend. There have been rumors also that they are married or at least planning to get married soon.

Are you surprised to hear that Bam Bam Brown is now living on a luxury yacht? Do you feel like he is a lot happier now that he has moved on? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Hopefully, "Alaskan Bush People" will come back in the future even though it hasn't been revealed yet.