"Once Upon a Time" fans are definitely not happy. The producers shared that Cinderella would get a new look in the rebooted season, despite initially appearing to suggest that new characters were coming to the show. Now fans worry about other characters that will get a new look and want to know more about what happened to the original versions. The new Cinderella will be played by Dania Ramirez. Her role was predicted by more than two-thirds of "Oncers" (the name of the fandom), but that's not the only exciting news that dropped.

The new Cinderella makes sense

One other thing shared about the new version of Cinderella is that she will be Lucy's mom. Lucy was the young girl who appeared at the end of "Once Upon a Time" season 6, and revealed herself to be the long-lost daughter of Henry. With this extra information, the idea that Ramirez will play Cinderella just makes sense. Henry is the grandson of Prince Charming. That makes him another Prince Charming, in essence. He would need his own hero to fall in love with, and who better than Cinderella? It's not like another Snow White would make sense and that would definitely anger fans.

Edward Katsis confirmed that Ramirez would take on the role of the iconic fairy tale character at D23 over the weekend.

The news was then shared on Twitter, with fans mixed over the news. For the most part, fans would have been happy had there not already been a Cinderella in the original series.

A different Cinderella in 'OUaT' season 7

It appears that this new version will in fact be a different character.

This should mean a different backstory. How is that possible? Well, Cinderella's fairy tale has changed over the years. It has definitely changed from most popular original version by Charles Perrault, which was written in 1697. A version was later adapted by the Grimm Brothers in 1812.

This means that there are plenty of ideas floating around.

Having two different Cinderellas would make sense, especially since this is Lucy's book and a new Enchanted Forest. What "Once Upon a Time" fans don't want to see is a completely rehashed version of the original story told back in season 1. It's already annoying that Ella's story didn't quite get finished in the first six seasons.

Now the question is: Which other fairy tales will get a remake? Sleepy Beauty was underused in the original series, so will she get a rewrite? As long as Prince Charming and Snow White are left alone, most fans will be okay with the idea of new versions of older characters.