"The Last Kingdom" season 2 brilliantly continued the story of Uhtred of Bebbanburg. Now that the show is over for another year, fans are desperate for something similar to watch. Just what is available on TV that has a similar feeling to Bernard Cornwall's Saxon series adaptation? There are a few TV shows to keep you entertained, and here are the top three.

'Game of Thrones' season 7 coming in July

Let's not overlook one similar TV series: "Game of Thrones." While there are some major differences between the two (Westeros is entirely fictional and there are dragons), there are certainly some similarities.

They both include strong-willed male main characters and multiple faiths. "Game of Thrones" season 7 will hit HBO in July this year. However, there are plenty of episodes to catch up on--50 to be exact.

Season 7 is the penultimate season. There will be just seven episodes, with six episodes in the final season next year. This is your chance to catch the battle between the Starks and Lannisters come to an end.

'Outlander' focus on Scottish history

While "The Last Kingdom" has focused on British history, before England was under one monarchy rule, "Outlander" focuses on Scottish history. This is another book-to-TV adaptation, and focuses on female main character Claire Randell. It's a beautiful tale of a woman who finds herself transported from the 1940s to 1753.

She has to learn how to survive in a time centuries before her own, with an ancestor of her 1940s husband out to get her. The series is currently on its third season, so definitely not as many episodes to catch up on as "Game of Thrones." It is available on Starz.

'Vikings' for real European history

One thing that a lot of other book adaptations miss is the real history.

While "Outlander" has some, there are certainly fictional elements with fictional characters. "Vikings" is much more like "The Last Kingdom" in the way that everything that does happen theoretically could happen in real history. There is no magic, just a focus on superstition, intrigue, and conspiracy.

The series focuses on the Danish clans.

It's set slightly before "The Last Kingdom," helping fans of the series to understand a little more about Viking politics. The fifth season of the show is coming to Hulu next month, but you can catch up with the other episodes right now.

It is possible to fill your time with similar TV shows. Don't forget to read "The Last Kingdom" series to learn more about Uhtred and the world of the Saxons.