There isn't much longer to wait for "Game of Thrones" Season 7. Less than two weeks and the show will be back on our TV screens. There are already talks of who will survive to the end of the series. Here's a look at some of the characters that are more likely to die by the end of the seventh season. Who do you think isn't likely to survive into season 8?


Let's be honest; this guy is living on borrowed time. After being infected with greyscale, he is slowly turning into the creatures that he was infected by. However, there is some hope. Stannis Baratheon's daughter was infected, but there was a cure to prevent the infection spreading.

It didn't completely get rid of the infection, but it at least slowed it down.

During the promo for "Game of Thrones" season 7 it looks like Jorah will be seen in the search for the cure. A hand that looks like it is infected with greyscale is seen pushing through a window. However, will the infection spread and kill him before he gets the chance to find it?

Meera Reed

Someone has to die in the north, but right now it looks like there only one real option: Meera Reed. After all, it can't be Bran Stark, can it? The problem with this death is that it would leave Bran Stark alone unless he's able to get to Castle Black and then return to his siblings. That makes Meera dispensable. It is possible that she's killed just as they get to some sort of safety, or Benjen Stark is forced to get his nephew to Castle Black, revealing what actually happened to him.

Cersei Lannister

This is a controversial choice, but it's been theorized (and begged for) over time. Cersei just cannot survive. It wouldn't make for a good story where in fiction all the good guys eventually have to win out. There are plenty of theories that Cersei will die at the hands of one of her little brothers. Could Jaime finally realize just how twisted and unrepentant his twin is and decide to kill her?

Maybe Tyrion will finally get the chance after how hurtful and evil she has been over the years.

Jaime seems to make more sense. He is known as the Kingslayer because he killed the Mad King to put his family on the throne. There is the chance that he will redeem himself for that action by killing Cersei to put Daenerys (or even Jon) on the throne as the rightful Targareyn.

Someone has to die in "Game of Thrones" season 7, and it has to be one of the main characters. Who do you think it will be? Who can you see not making it to the final season?