The preview for Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital" indicates that Spencer Cassadine is being kidnapped. It all takes place at Lila's kids' day camp. Valentin and Laura are on the grounds and continuing to argue about Charlotte and Spencer. As the young prince sits on a bench, someone throws a black sack over his head and he fights to get away. That's as far as the preview goes but viewers can tell it is a kidnapping attempt.

Who would kidnap Spencer, and why?

Spencer has been pushing the buttons of his great uncle for some time, and on Monday, possibly went too far.

He told Charlotte that her papa murdered his father Nicholas. Valentin is furious because now his daughter is involved. He accuses both Laura and her grandson of hurting his daughter on purpose. Valentin is also angry because Spencer has slapped him with a lawsuit regarding Windemere. The young Prince is seeking revenge because his uncle killed his father and stole his home and inheritance.

Spencer wants to reclaim his position as the rightful Cassadine heir. Perhaps Nicholas has returned from wherever he has been hiding all this time. He could have snatched his son so that they can have a reunion and take down Valentin together. If Nicholas is alive, however, Valentin will be guilty of many things, but murder will not be one of them.

There have been several occasions where Spencer's great uncle has hinted that there is more to the story, and never once admitted to killing his nephew Nicholas.

The truth about Valentin needs to come out

Valentin has been a loving father to Charlotte and for the most part a decent husband to Nina. He has shown himself to be pretty dastardly, however, to just about everyone else in Port Charles.

He seems to not understand that Laura, Spencer, and LuLu hold him responsible for the death of Nicholas. Valentin often acts like he is the victim, but now the tables have turned.

Spencer is a formidable opponent who is relentless in his quest to vanquish Valentin. By telling Charlotte that her dad is a murderer, young Spencer hit below the belt and opened the eyes of the one person Valentin wanted to keep innocent in all of this.

Now the current owner of Windemere is rattled and determined to stop his nephew at all costs. Fans are hoping the rumors are true, and that Nicholas will return to save the day.

Let's hope he is behind the kidnapping of his son. If he is not, then Spencer needs to break free and get away. There also needs to be more security at the day camp because there is never an adult in sight. On Monday there was a camp counselor, but she was a mere teen.