Supernatural” made a big mistake this week. The death of one of the prominent British Men Of Letters in the season makes it almost impossible to create good guys out of the organization. Rather than including a shocking twist, the show has stuck to the same pattern of creating interesting side characters only to get rid of them.

In short, Mick should have stuck around. The British Men of Letters should have had the surprising twist of being the good guys—the people who were perfect for the Winchesters to form an alliance with. That isn’t going to happen after this death.

It’s easy to guess where ‘Supernatural’ is going

The SPN writers will need to make some major changes to the show in the next few weeks to shock the fans. So far, the whole storyline has been one predictable element after another. It was clear from the very beginning that the British Men of Letters were going to betray the Winchesters’ trust, after making it seem like they could be the good guys.

It looked like there was hope with the British faction, as Mick decided to spare the life of Irene after the death of one of the members. He could see the Winchesters’ view that the world of monsters and the supernatural isn’t black and white. There are shades of grey and hunting is about finding those shades to determine the ones that are closer to white and those that are closer to black.

Only Mr. Ketch can save the British Men of Letters now

There is one character that “Supernatural fans have come to love in recent episodes. Mr. Ketch certainly has potential and could end up changing sides. The problem is that he won’t be able to change the whole organization. He is the killer; the one to clean up the mess.

The only thing he could do is kill the head of the organization and make it defunct, very much like the American branch.

The downside to this is that it changes nothing in the long-term. There will be other factions around the world and there will likely be others to take the place within the British faction. The worldwide Men of Letters won’t want to lose everything in Britain.

To be able to change anything, the views of the age-old society will have to change somehow or the Winchesters will always look over their shoulder. Mick would have been the better person to help bring the change within the world of "Supernatural."

What do you think about the death of Mick in “Supernatural"? Is it the biggest mistake the show has made or is there a way to rectify this?