For many parents, just announcing the birth of their baby is a big thing—and welcomed by their friends. For “Supernatural’s” Jared Padalecki, the announcement caused a storm. Not only did he share the news of the birth of his first daughter (and third child), but also shared that he and his wife support a controversial organization: planned parenthood. Fans of the actor took to social media comments to share their views on the organization.

Welcome to the world, Odette Elliott Padalecki

The main focus of the announcement wasn’t supposed to be the support of Planned Parenthood.

It was supposed to be on the growth of the SPN Family. “Supernatural” fans already knew that Padalecki was going to be a dad for the third time, having found out two weeks earlier that it was going to definitely be a girl. However, it took 10 days from the birth of the baby for fans to find out that she arrived and had been given the name Odette Elliott Padalecki.

While fans tried to congratulate him, they couldn’t help but notice the announcement of who had made the keychains with the baby’s name and date of birth on them. They were created by Pop & Suki, a company that donates to Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign.

Fans angry at Jared Padalecki and wife supporting Planned Parenthood

There have been mixed remarks from fans on Padalecki’s Facebook page since the announcement of the birth of the baby.

Supernatural” fans from America shared their views (some personal and some based on information) about the organization. There are many who stand against the clinics due to the company’s stance on abortion. However, there are plenty of others who point out that without Planned Parenthood they wouldn’t have had the help to get advice on having a baby and the support with whichever decision they chose.

So far, the hate hasn’t crossed into Genevieve Padalecki’s Twitter feed. Neither have responded to any of the comments made, although fans have backed the two and thanked them for their decision to support both organizations, especially the Human Rights Campaign.