Spectras and Foresters on "The Bold and the Beautiful" have a relationship like the Hattfields and the McCoys. In the early days Sally Spectra stole ideas from Forester Fashions, and made cheap knock-offs. Young Sally Forester has just blown into town to continue her great aunt's work. She desired to rebrand the Spectra name and make it legitimate. Her grandmother is determined to keep up tradition. She insists they have no choice, except to steal from the Forester clan. Along the way, young Sally had no idea she would be smitten with dashing Thomas Forester.

How the relationship grew

Sally and Thomas met while both were eating at an outdoor venue. The fact that their families hate each other did not stop them from getting to know one another. This is a refreshing relationship. When together, Thomas And Sally make goo goo eyes at each other. Both often reminisce about time they spent together, and the potential couple have only kissed a few times. Unlike so many other soap couples, Thomas and Sally did not immediately jump into bed.

They have taken their time and are beginning to know each other a little better. Sally's aunt convinced her that a rich, playboy Forester would only desire a lowly Spectra for one thing. She sent young Sally off to end things with Thomas before they get out of hand.

Sally met young Forester, in the same outdoor eating spot where they first met. She then told him things had to end between them..

What the family believes

When Sally first came to town, she had it in for Thomas Forester's Stephy, who is currently co-CEO of Forester Creations. The two have been involved in several cat fights.

Stephy and other members of the family let Thomas know that no good would come from hanging out with Spectras. Thomas listened, but cannot stop thinking about the brash, uncultured, very impulsive, red-headed Sally.

Sealed with a kiss

Thomas is perplexed when Sally says the relationship is over, and he tells her that it has not yet truly begun.

He grabs Sally by the arm, turns her toward him, and kisses her. Thomas then says something quite unexpected. He looks the fiery redhead in the eyes and says, "I love you Sally," Ms. Spectra is speechless, but viewers can tell the young lady feels the same. Will Sally declare her undying love for a man from the enemy camp, or will she flee from him?

Is it possible she will realize her aunt does not have her best interests at heart, when she says the relationship will never work? Sally must choose between her feelings for young Thomas, or the survival of her family business. Most assuredly, that kiss, and Thomas making a declaration of love has taken things to a different level. "Bold and Beautiful" fans will just have to wait and see which way it plays out.