There was no doubt about it that the new additions to the “Supernatural” family were going to grow up together. However, Genevieve Padalecki and Danneel Harris made it very clear that this was already happening. After a photo of Odette Padalecki and Arrow Rhodes Ackles was shared, fans went mad over how the two are best friends already.

Girls rule the world ‘Supernatural’ style

The Padalecki's just recently announced the birth of their third child (first daughter) to the world. Despite being born on St. Patrick’s Day, the family waited a couple of weeks to give them chance to celebrate their time being new parents with their closer family.

Now the word is out and it’s time for more photos to be shared on social media—the Padalecki's are very open with their fans about their children.

This week fans got a glimpse of the new Ackles girl, Arrow. The baby is stood (with support of parents, of course) with her arm around the newborn. Genevieve couldn’t help but include the hashtag #GirlsRuletheWorld and the photo has already been shared by thousands of fans around the world.

The Planned Parenthood campaign continues

As a way to celebrate the arrival of their daughter, the Padalecki's shared that they were working in conjunction with Pop & Suki to raise money for two charitable and activist companies.

One of those caused controversy on social media, as it was revealed that Genevieve supports Planned Parenthood.

Despite some of the hate the two have gained for their decision, the couple continue to support Planned Parenthood. They believe that there is more to the series of clinics around the United States. It wouldn’t be the first time that the couple has supported a cause, but this is the first time it has caused so much controversy.

The mothers of the new “Supernatural” additions are focusing on their children more than anything else. It looks like the family bond is already growing, as the two new daughters are having play dates. Now, will there be a “Supernatural” marriage in the future?