Todd Fisher, brother of the late Carrie Fisher, has announced that he has approved the use of footage shot when the beloved actress was alive in the final installments of the latest Star Wars saga.

Fans across the globe were broken-hearted when Carrie Fisher passed away of a heart attack in December 2016, inspiring tributes to her talent as an actress, her witty and honest writing, and her position as a role model for women since her rise to stardom in 1977 in the first "Star Wars" movie: "A New Hope."

With the launch of a new trio of Star Wars movies, some fans have been left wondering how the strong character she created as General Leia Organa would be handled in future films in the iconic science fiction series.

"The Force Awakens" closed with the implication that Gen. Organa would be an important part of future films.

Carrie Fisher finished filming 'Episode VIII' before her death

Filming for "Episode VIII: The Last Jedi" concluded before Carrie Fisher’s passing in December 2016. Brother Todd told the press that Disney wants to include Princess Leia in "Episode Ix," as well, and he and her daughter, Billie Lourd, have given them the rights to use recently shot footage in the final installment.

Mr. Fisher discussed the addition at an opening night ceremony for the TCM Film Festival, saying that both he and Carrie's daughter felt that they couldn't imagine Carrie being removed from the films. Mr. Fisher compared Carrie to Obi Wan in the first trilogy, noting that the Jedi became more powerful after being cut down by Darth Vader's lightsaber.

Extra footage to be used in final installment

Details of how the beloved actress will be integrated into the final episode of the new trilogy have not yet been released. However, Mr. Fisher said that he had complete faith in the production company to make good decisions about how to use the footage.

Rumors that Carrie Fisher’s inclusion in the upcoming episodes would be handled with a CGI recreation were squashed in January by a statement released by Disney and Lucasfilms to the relief of fans everywhere.

Star Wars Celebration and movie releases scheduled

A tribute to Carrie Fisher is being hosted by Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in film series, during the Star Wars Celebration Orlando event on April 14 in Florida, along with the fan-run Drowning in Moonlight charity events to raise funds for the Midnight Mission.

Episode VIII, "The Last Jedi" is scheduled to hit movie theaters in the United States on Dec.

15, 2017; "Star Wars: Episode IX" is tentatively scheduled to release on May 24, 2019.

Watch below as Carrie Fisher employs wit and insight while she talks about her career as Princess Leia in a performance of her book, "Wishful Drinking."