“General Hospital” spoilers tell us who plays Olivia Jerome. It’s Tonja Walker, the same actress that played the role back in the late 80s and early 90s. Back then, she was known as Olivia St. John to fool people into thinking she was not a mobbed up Jerome.

History with Anna and Duke

Olivia was obsessed with Duke back in the 80s when he worked for her dad Victor in the mob. Olivia worked closely with Duke and when he and Anna were split up, Duke woke up drunk in her bed. Olivia lied and told Duke she was pregnant with his child – she wasn’t, but Anna was.

Olivia stalked them, and then in a fit of rage, decided to kill Duke. She had someone rig an elevator at Duke’s club but Anna was in it instead of Duke and lost her child. Anna confronted Olivia and was ready to shoot her for the miscarriage.

What does Olivia want from Julian?

If you didn’t watch back then, Julian and his older sister had another half-brother named Dino. Olivia seems not to have met Ava yet but they should have a lot in common since both ran art galleries. Anna was arrested after Olivia was shot back then but Dino was the real shooter.

Olivia went nuts, was sent to an asylum, then got out. Later, Julian shot Olivia to keep her from stopping his plan to kill Duke. Olivia “died” at “General Hospital” and now she’s back.

Soon, Olivia meets Griffin and will take a shine to Duke’s look-alike son.

What are her plans in Port Charles?

Olivia told Julian today that she would have her revenge eventually. Julian shot her in cold-blood but, to be fair, Olivia shot him once, too. “General Hospital” spoilers say Olivia has been bossing Julian for a while, but he didn’t know it was his sister giving the orders.

GH” spoilers say Olivia made Julian threaten Alexis and she’s been dismantling his life bit by bit. Today she had Leo exposed to an open bottle of aspirin and next, Sam and Jason will be at risk. Olivia might also be mad that Julian had Duke killed.

Why close down 'GH'?

Olivia Jerome is behind the plan to turn the hospital into condos, but why?

That hasn’t been explained yet, but since “General Hospital” is where she “died after Julian shot her, maybe she holds her “death” against the hospital. She also hates Lucy Coe who is tied to “GH." The Jeromes' dad Victor was obsessed with Lucy, and choked to death on jewelry he bought for her after Lucy rejected him. Olivia is twisted so there’s no telling why she wants “GH” shut down.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. Sonny will be cleared soon in Morgan’s death case and Bryan Craig is hinting at a return. Also, Lulu upsets Charlotte with the mom reveal this week, and more on the Tom murder case soon!

Video of Duke and Anna confronting Olivia Jerome: