"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) gets more than she bargains for when creeper Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva) cuts her loose from her hospital work to go to the Nurses Ball. May sweeps "GH" spoilers say Kiki gets disturbing news, leans on a friend, and acts without thinking. This is all about her building chemistry with her mom's boyfriend -- Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen).

Dr. Bensch creeping

"GH" viewers watched as exhausted Kiki talked on her cell phone about missing the Ball this year. Dr. Creeper was listening in the shadows, as usual.

Bensch then stunned Kiki, telling her she could go to the ball. This scene was reminiscent of Cinderella being told she could go to the big party at the castle if she finished her chores. Will Kiki wind up with Prince Charming or the troll that's got his eye on her?

"General Hospital" spoilers indicate that Bensch's actions were not unselfish. It seems likely that the lusty doctor is hoping to hang out with Kiki somewhere that alcohol is flowing. Bensch's master plan may be to slip a roofie in Ms. Jerome's drink. If he got her sloppy, then he could give her a ride home and get her into his bed while she's incapacitated. Bensch seems capable of anything.

Ava and Griffin split

"GH" spoilers reveal that Kiki immediately notices that her pervy boss Bensch is trolling her.

When Bensch tries to peep at Kiki while she's having a wardrobe malfunction, she freaks and Griffin's arrival saves the day. Griffin is alone since his girlfriend Ava Jerome (Maura West) is preparing backstage for her Nurses Ball number. Kiki cries to Griffin and he comforts her, pushing a new dynamic between the two.

Kiki opens up to Griffin about Bensch's stalkerish and pervy behavior.

Spoilers say Griffin comforts Kiki. As he holds her while she cries, Ava spots them and explodes. This nasty fight causes a split. Grava is done! Griffin and Kiki are both very annoyed by Ava's ridiculous, over-the-top jealousy. It comes at the worst time since Kiki was already feeling fragile, and then her mother attacked.

Kiki and Griffin together

To end their awful night of drama, "GH" spoilers say Kiki and Griffin leave the ball with the intent to head home, but they wind up sharing a drink (or three) and vent about their troubled love lives. Both care about Ava but her juvenile antics are old. Sweeps spoilers hint that Kiki and Griffin overdo the drinks and share an intimate moment.

"General Hospital" spoilers say Kiki acts without thinking. It could be just a sweet kiss or Griffin and Kiki might be so drunk that they do the deed. Either way, they cross a line. Of course, Ava did worse to her daughter with Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) multiple times.

But Kiki and Griffin aren't as morally loose as Ava. Still, it's a weird moment for Griffin and Kiki that changes everything.

Bensch blabs to Ava

"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Bensch is livid that Kiki left the party with Dr. Munro. As Bensch lurks in the shadows at "GH," rumors say he overhears Kiki and Griffin talking about how they went "too far" after the ball. Bensch assumes the worst and is enraged. Given Ava's volatile reputation around town, it seems very likely that the creeper will blab what he hears to Ava.

Things are heating up for Kiki and Griffin. Despite the jealous interference of Ava and Bensch, these two could be the new "GH" super couple. What do you think? Check back soon for more "General Hospital" spoilers and news.