Lots of “General Hospital” spoilers and rumors are emerging about how the reveal of Olivia Jerome as the lady mobster. A script leaked on Facebook shows "Olivia J", so it's a done deal. One person that will be affected by her return is Griffin. Why? Olivia was obsessed with his father, and that spells trouble.

Olivia doesn’t know Griffin exists

Two recent “GH” spoilers about the sexy doc seem to tie back to Olivia. One is that Griffin has a “surprising interaction” that has him learning more about his dad Duke and another is that Griffin finds himself in an “unusual situation”.

The second spoiler may have nought to do with Olivia, but the first one is plainly about the violent vixen’s return to Port Chuck and what she might do while in town. Anna didn’t know about Griffin’s existence, so it’s safe to say Olivia J also doesn’t know.

Anna vs. Olivia over Griffin?

Olivia’s obsession with Duke made life terrible for Anna. Way back when Olivia’s jealousy caused her to rig an elevator to crash which made Anna miscarry Duke’s baby. That ended Anna’s chance to have a kid with Duke and broke her heart.

Anna got another shot at sharing a piece of Duke when Griffin came to town, and now Anna sees the hunky doc as sort of a pseudo-son, but Olivia might take a different sort of interest in Griffin altogether.

Will Olivia become obsessed with Griffin?

Will Griffin be tempted?

Anna and Griffin’s relationship from the start has been friendly and sort of a mother/son dynamic. Will Olivia take things in a twisty new direction? Could Olivia see Griffin as an object of attraction and desire because of his similarity to a young Duke?

Sure, Olivia is old enough to be Griffin’s mother, but she’s not and it’s been a while since GH had a good May-December romance.

Will Olivia tempt Griffin? She’s an attractive woman who might move heaven and earth to be with him.

Anna won’t stand for it

Other “General Hospital” spoilers for Olivia’s return say that Anna will be enraged that Olivia is back in her town and the two will face off once again. If Olivia tries to sink her claws into Griffin, Anna will fight her with everything to protect Duke’s son.

Even if Griffin isn’t tempted to get cozy with Olivia J, he might want to spend time with her to learn more about his father. Griffin knows little about Duke, so anything else he can learn is important to him, and so he might bond with Olivia to some extent.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC and there are exciting “GH” spoilers for the week of January 16th. This week, Lulu stresses out Charlotte with the mom reveal and the Tom Baker murder mystery rages on – did Seth kill his awful rapist brother? Plus, the Naxie wedding is Monday.