The rescue of Stiles, or at least an attempt, is drawing near for the “Teen Wolf” gang. With more of their friends now missing because of the Ghost Riders, they’re willing to do just about anything to put a stop to them once and for all. As the Ghost Riders roar through town though, there might not be many left to stop them.

Sheriff Stilinski starts a new investigation

Stiles has always been the one to find connections, and as we know, he loves his yarn and pushpins to do it. His bulletin board has often looked like a police investigator’s board in the past, but as the sheriff begins to see bits and pieces of Stiles’ bedroom come to life, he stops focusing on the bulletin board itself and on the rest of the room, slowly bringing the remnants of Stiles life back into focus.

Teen Wolf” likes it slow motion action sequences, but this sequence might just be one of the most gorgeously shot of the show. It’s akin to Lydia slowly bringing the room back to life last week, but with the absence of dialogue and the focus being on a father’s desperation to remember his son better, the sequence is somehow even better than the previous.

When he tries to get Claudia to remember Stiles later in the episode, his realization that she’s not real hits as one of the most emotional scenes the show has done as Claudia literally fades from his life.

Meet the real Mr. Douglas

If you missed the sneak peeks prior to the episode airing, you might not have known just how much of Mr. Douglas we were getting this week.

The combination of flashbacks and the always annoying Theo give us our lesson.

Not just a werewolf, he also happens to be part lion, which is definitely an interesting choice given all the chimeras the show has had over the years. Also interesting? While trying to snag himself a Ghost Rider during WWII, he lost a whole group of German soldiers to them.

But he was placed in a tank by the Doctors not long after, which means getting himself an army of supernatural creatures is still the thing he wants most.

With the abilities of a Ghost Rider and a werewolf-lion hybrid, he’s one formidable guy.

Melissa and Chris get the whip

Not only does Chris not manage to outsmart Mr. Douglas, but he apologizes to Melissa right before vanishing.

Melissa McCall, in one of her many badass moments of the season, tells Mr. Douglas to just crack the whip instead of groveling or listening to him gloat. She remains one of the best adults on the show.

Liam and Hayden put up one heck of a fight

In all of the sequences going up against the Ghost Riders so far this season, these two trying to save one another while knowing that someone has to warn Scott about Mr. Douglas is my favorite. They just would not back down. The moment when Hayden realizes she has to let the Ghost Riders take her so Liam can keep going? Heartbreaking.

Party of five

Liam, Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Sheriff Stilinski are the only ones left in Beacon Hills by the end of the episode.

As the Sheriff reveals though, as he remembered his son, he saw his own rift, though only for a moment. The group, though they are very, very, small, might finally have a bit of hope. (There’s also a little hope in the Ghost Riders seeming to offer Lydia a fair amount of respect.)

And bonus: We know that Stiles’ first name is Mieczyslaw. Polish in origin, it comes from word roots that mean “sword” and “glory,” though I’m sure fans are happy to finally have a name to put with Stiles’ face.

The verdict

Much better than previously uneven episodes of the series, “Blitzkrieg” is “Teen Wolf” at its best.

4.5 stars out of 5.

What’s next

The group begins to put their best plan for getting their friends and family back into action in “Memory Found.”