Mackenzie McKee's husband, Josh, recently put her on blast on Facebook and suggested that the "Teen Mom 3" star had cheated on him after three and a half years of marriage and three kids. At the time the post was shared, fans believed the reality couple had reached the end of their marriage, but in the days since, Mackenzie has confirmed that she is hoping to work through their struggles.

In addition, Mackenzie shared shocking details about her postpartum depression -- and the stress it put on her and Josh's marriage. During an interview with Radar Online on January 17, the reality star admitted to texting another man but insisted that they had not flirted with one another, nor had they engaged in an affair.

Mackenzie McKee suffered from postpartum depression after her third child

Following a month-long stay in the NICU, Mackenzie and Josh brought their third child home from the hospital, and within weeks, their marriage began to crumble. "I had postpartum depression,” Mackenzie said. “That pushed Josh away. There was no support." She also said her husband hated who she had become.

As she attempted to adjust to being a wife and mother of three, the "Teen Mom 3" star became suicidal and claimed her husband had labeled her "crazy" and encouraged her to commit suicide. "He said, ‘Go kill yourself, but don’t do it in front of me and the kids.’”

Mackenzie McKee leaned on another man

Amid her marital struggles and her struggles with postpartum depression, Mackenzie turned to another man to help her through.

As she recalled, Josh had left home when she began texting the other guy, but things were not romantic between them. As she explained, she never wanted to be with that man -- and he was already in a committed relationship with someone else.

While Mackenzie McKee is staying positive when it comes to her future with Josh, the reality pair continue to feud on social media and admittedly, Mackenzie isn't completely sure how things are going to pan out. Either way, she continues to hope and pray for her family to remain intact.