“General Hospital” spoilers say more drama this week with the reveal of Olivia Jerome as the boss that ordered the car bomb that killed Morgan. With no body found, there’s room for a return. Bryan Craig recently said he’d consider coming back for short spurts, but is that fair to soap fans? Here’s what he said in a recent interview.

Movies are his priority

Bryan walked away from his “General Hospital” contract a year before it was due to end and that left “GH” bosses scrambling to write him out and they did so with a bang. His epic meltdown and fiery “death” were a fitting swan song for the tortured character.

As soon as he walked off the set of “GH”, Bryan walked onto the set of BMX move “Ride” where he landed a lead role. His IMDB page doesn’t reflect it yet, but the young actor also landed the lead role of a drug addicted boxer alongside Willem DaFoe. Maurice Benard is helping him train!

Should “GH” accept his spare time?

One thing Bryan did not walk away from was the income from “General Hospital” fan weekends and conventions. He recently appeared at one in Atlanta and has continued to work the circuit which must be a nice source of income. It’s a nice safety net to have.

The Emmy winner recently told Soap Hub, “If they want me back to do an episode or two, I’d be very open to that”. But let’s be real.

An episode or two every now and then is not worth stirring up “GH” fans’ hope. If Morgan comes back, he should come back for good, right?

Will “GH” recast Morgan?

Recasts are always divisive for fans. Some click and some don’t. Some fans still aren’t comfortable with Billy Miller in the role of Stone Cold and some love him. Yet Carly has been recast twice and fans have embraced all three actresses that played the role.

Morgan is an important character and his exit was written for a return or recast, but should “GH” go ahead and find a new actor rather than waiting around for table scraps from Bryan Craig? “General Hospital” spoilers and rumors have teased both a return and a recast.

What do you think?

Would you like to see a recast of the character or are you okay with leaving him dead?

Would you like to see Bryan return here and there or should he leave “GH” behind him and focus on film making? How do you feel about Bryan’s recent split with ex-Britt actress Kelly Thiebaud?

Today, Tonja Walker debuts as Olivia Jerome plus there is a lot to see this week with Naxie, Valentin and more. There’s no new “GH” this week and next week is when Griffin should finally meet Olivia Jerome and sparks fly.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.