“General Hospital” spoilers say the culprit that killed rapist Tom might be the last person you expect. Seth Baker might be the killer. “GH” is pushing Alexis as a suspect but clever fans won’t buy that nonsense. Here are five reasons that Tom’s brother Seth might have done the murderous deed.

#1 Guest actor too big a star to waste

First off, Seth is played by Michael Rodrick (from “Greenleaf," "Castle," 24,” among other shows). He seems too good to drop into “GH” for just a couple of episodes as an angry brother. Handing him a plum role as a brother-killer is juicy and a much better use of a talented actor.

#2 Few other characters interacted with Tom

Second, not that many characters have interacted with rapist Tom. Elizabeth didn’t kill the jerk and neither did Alexis or Franco. The bartender wouldn’t have done it, and neither would Monica. Seth might, though, and he’s a likelier suspect than he might seem at a glance.

#3 Seth felt betrayed by Tom

Third, we saw Alexis struggle with Tom in a recent flashback, and he said she’d better be nice to him. It all looked very suspicious. If Seth saw his brother doing that, he would know immediately that Tom didn't reform, even after all those years in jail.

That could have made Seth snap and kill his brother.

#4 Seth is pushing too hard

Fourth, we must consider if Seth pushing so hard about Tom is because he’s truly convinced that Franco killed his brother. Maybe Seth is trying to point the inept investigators at the Port Charles PD to Franco so they don’t notice any evidence that might turn up against him.

#5 Alexis and Franco have storylines to play out

Finally, it’s rare that “GH” convicts a main character of murder and Alexis and Franco have lots of story to play out. It’s no big deal for a mobster to occasionally go to jail – they always get back out. But a regular old Port Charles citizen doesn’t get away with murder lightly, so it’s not them.

Other issues

The last factor to consider is the scene from the recent “General Hospital” spoilers video that shows Franco is hit on the head and knocked out. Alexis might have gotten too close to shady Tom when she was drunk, but it seems a stretch to think she would assault Franco. There is more Friz story to be told.

Seth seems like a much better choice as the killer than Alexis or Franco, but with “GH” you never know. Just like Paul Hornsby as the serial killer, the writers might have killed off Tom, then decided later on the killer. If so, the perp might be someone that makes no sense.

Tristan Rogers, recently tipsy, tweeted about the “GH” writers, and “GH” fans hope this isn’t another badly written plot.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. Look for Nathan and Maxie’s wedding on January 17th, and Finn’s struggle with drug addiction, plus more on the Nelle and Carly backstory.