“General Hospital” spoilers and rumors predict Lulu will have a hard time bonding with Charlotte when she pushes for her reveal as Charlotte’s biological mother right after the revelation of Claudette’s death. Will Lulu pushing too hard estrange her daughter for good?

Lulu sees Claudette’s death as an opportunity

Valentin explained to Lulu a while back that Charlotte thinks Claudette is her mother and has no idea about the surrogacy or Lulu’s role in her conception. Lulu is losing patience and “GH” spoilers say she snaps when she finds out about Claudette’s supposed suicide.

Lulu doesn’t think for a moment that Claudette killed herself. She’s certain that Valentin killed her because Claudette caused problems for him. Later this week, Lulu and Dante tell Valentin it’s time to tell Charlotte the truth about Lulu being her mom.

Valentin wants to protect Charlotte

Valentin’s one true motive in the world is to protect his daughter no matter what else he’s done in this life. Telling Charlotte that the woman she thought was her mother is dead and piling on a new biological mother is too much for the kid. Lulu won’t see it that way, though, since Valentin just married Nina and brought another mom into the scenario. Right now, Charlotte has a surrogate mom, biological mom, and stepmom.

It’s a lot for a kid to fathom but Lulu wants the reveal ASAP.

Will Lulu push too hard?

“GH” spoiler photos for the Naxie wedding show some of the drama to come. Griffin learns about Claudette’s death and angrily confronts Valentin. Charlotte overhears and that’s likely how she’ll learn the woman she thought was her mother is dead.

Valentin comforts his daughter but, later, Charlotte winds up in the linen closet at the Metro Court hotel with Lulu, having a serious talk. Will Lulu ignore Valentin’s wishes and tell Charlotte the truth that she’s her biological mother? If she does, will it be too much for the kid to handle?

Lulu's desperation is showing

Lulu has every right to be with her child and know her but she also needs to allow Charlotte time to adjust to a new reality.

“GH” spoilers for the week of January 16th say that Lulu tries to bond with Charlotte but it doesn’t go well. Can Lulu set her desperation to know her daughter aside and give Charlotte the time she needs to get used to the idea? Will Valentin help Charlotte accept Lulu as her mom, or will he push Nina into the forefront? How messy will this get?

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