Hurricane season in the Atlantic basin is usually from June 1 through November 30. An expert meteorologist from AccuWeather predicts an increase in the number of storms that could strike in the coming season. In his opinion, 2020 could be the fifth year of 'above normal' tropical activity in the Atlantic basin.

Their numbers could be between 14 and 18, he even gives possible breakdowns of these hurricanes. The significant point is the increase in the number of such happenings in the recent past. The purpose of the prediction is to caution the people and the administration because such climatic disorders take a heavy toll on resources.

They leave the areas in shambles with damaged roads, uprooted trees and electric poles. There is also the loss of lives and properties with the evacuation and relocation of people. The damaged infrastructure needs to be rebuilt which is a time consuming and costly affair.

Daily Mail UK says Dan Kottlowski is the expert and he is clear in his concept. He says – “It's going to be an above-normal season. On a normal year, we have around 12 storms, six hurricanes, and roughly three major hurricanes.” The caution sounded by Kottlowski is timely and could help the authorities to take timely action and lessen the worries of the people.

Hurricane season means untold miseries

Experience in the last four years shows that hurricanes are becoming more frequent. Those who maintain records say 2019 was the fourth consecutive year that witnessed a number of such occurrences. It was similar to 1969 – half a century earlier. Statistics reveal the 2019 season had 18 storms and included Hurricane Dorian, with damages estimated to be in the region of $11billion.

Daily Mail UK goes on to add forecasters made an analysis of past data to project a future scenario. They wanted to assess the shape of things to come in the 2020 hurricane season.

Kottlowski, an expert meteorologist from Accuweather concludes the 2005 season was a 'hyperactive year' with three major hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, and Rita. Katrina left 1800 dead and almost wiped New Orleans out from the map.

Based on the trend of past years, forecasters expect the United States to face between two to four of the storms this year. Meteorologists have taken note of the fact that temperatures in the Caribbean waters are around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in late March. That is an example of Global warming and it could act as a catalyst. In the words of Kottlowski – “Warm water is actually what drives a lot of seasons. So those will be areas to keep an eye on for early-season development.”

2020 Atlantic hurricane season could be above average

According to Nola, the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is fast approaching and the prediction of a top hurricane expert deserves attention.

He predicts an increase in the normal number of climatic disturbances like tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes that fall in category 3 or higher. The expert of AccuWeather has done extensive study on the subject and his observations can help the authorities to plan suitable strategies. The normal season is from June 1 through November 30, but these can vary depending on circumstances.

Recent hurricane seasons

Nola says the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season was the eighth most-active right from the days of 1851. The estimate of the damage across the Atlantic basin in 2019 was around $50 billion while in 2017, it was $220 billion. During 2017 and 2018, the U.S. was in the grip of multiple hurricanes Harvey, Florence, Maria, Irma, and Michael.

These led to floods in Texas, and Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, which has yet to recover from the tragedy. Its power distribution system collapsed and Elon Musk helped with solar power, a form of renewable energy.