The achievement of South Australia in the field of solar energy deserves praise. It has successfully tapped the potential of the Sun to generate electricity for thousands of homes and businesses. People can now bid goodbye to traditional methods of lighting the houses and running the appliances. It is proof that Renewable Energy is the future. South Australia has achieved a global milestone. This part of Australia used to face a shortage of power, and it has changed that by relying on solar energy. It was the first major jurisdiction in the world powered entirely by solar energy for a brief period.

It was a major achievement and something to be proud of. American robot Curiosity is on Mars and relies on solar power, as does the Chinese robot on the Moon's far side. Space agencies accept that the Sun will be indispensable to humans when they plan to colonize alien planets.

ABC AU says an official describes it as a phenomenon in the global energy landscape. He is the chief executive of the Australian Energy Market Operator AEMO. The excess power generated on that day by conventional methods was stored in batteries or transferred to other areas. In analysts' opinion, this is a significant milestone and might become a regular feature once the pace of solar growth picks up. Energy regulators caution about the need for proper management.

There could be problems if there is a mismatch between electricity generated and consumed.

Plans to install additional solar rooftop systems

AEMO forecasts the installation of thousands of new solar rooftop systems in South Australia in the near future. Those will be in addition to the homes that already generate their own electricity.

This number is also substantial. AEMO wants similar action in Victoria and Queensland. ABC AU says there could be problems in case the interconnector is down. It did happen in the past. An official said - "The system needs management." Solar power will play a significant role over the next decade.

Solar farms could be the future

Solar energy is a great investment, and South Australia wants to double the capacity within five years. Consumers have to follow guidelines to ensure optimum utilization. ABC AU goes on to add that people should connect batteries to store cheap energy during the day. An official of AEMO compares the grid to a set of lungs. In October 2017, the power supply in Puerto Rico was devastated, and Elon Musk stepped in with solar power to help the hospital. Disruptions in power transmission lines are not new during climatic disturbances like hurricanes. At such times, electric poles getting uprooted, leading to breakage of supply, and renewable energy can help ease the people's sufferings.

Rooftop solar panels contributed maximum

According to New Atlas, solar power is becoming popular against the backdrop of climate change, advances in technology,, and the economy. South Australia went solar for a brief period earlier in October, and it was a world-first for jurisdiction of its size. The majority of it came from rooftop panels. The skies were clear and temperatures mild, and the combination created suitable conditions. Incidentally, solar power is popular in South Australia. On a rough estimate, one in three homes have rooftop systems. The use of solar power reduces dependence on fossil fuels that generate greenhouse gases and global warming. Therefore, renewable energy has come to the forefront, and solar power is one of them. The subject comes up for discussion at international forums on climate change, and some countries are trying to switch over to this environment-friendly concept.