President Joe Biden prefers electric cars assembled in the United States to vehicles that run on conventional fuels. He plans to replace the fleet of government-owned vehicles under his “Buy America” policy. He issued an executive order on the subject. Records indicate the U.S. government had 645,000 vehicles as of 2019. The General Services Administration GSA says the U.S. Postal Service operates 35 percent of these vehicles and they consume millions of gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel. There needs to be clarity on the nature of vehicles that would replace the existing ones.

During discussions, the President mentioned that the new fleet would comprise electric vehicles “that are net-zero emissions.” Obviously, he has the subject of climate change on his radar. Electric vehicles are examples of Renewable Energy in action. They can reduce greenhouse gases and consequent global warming that leads to environmental issues like drought and forest fires. Biden wants the United States to rejoin the Paris climate accord and to focus his attention on electric cars shows his seriousness.

CNBC says the government is a significant purchaser of vehicles and replacing them would be not only a costly affair but also a long time project. Only a few American manufacturers have the resources and expertise to make electric vehicles.

These are Tesla, General Motors and Nissan Motors while Ford Motors have plans to join the group. An official of the industry says - “The current offerings are pretty slim, but the industry’s about to unleash an avalanche of a new product, and a lot of it built in North America.” He adds that most of the plants in the country would be having a hybrid or electrical product.

In January 2020, Tesla delivered the first Model 3 electric car made in China.

Electric cars would generate employment

President Biden has his eyes on creating more jobs to tackle unemployment. He feels the fleet changeover from conventional vehicles to electric ones would help generate many jobs in the automobile industry. Lack of employment is a matter of concern, and he wants to address it.

He announced about stricter use of American-made parts in government-purchased vehicles. A vehicle’s components must be at least 50 percent American. In the opinion of Biden, the content threshold of 50 percent needs a review on the higher side, keeping in mind requirements of employment generation and economic activity. Top automobile companies like General Motors and Ford appear to agree with the President.

Biden wants electric cars to replace cars that use fossil fuels

President Joe Biden is serious about phasing out gas-powered vehicles used by the federal government. He wants American-made electric vehicles to take over. It was a promise he made on the campaign trail, and he wants to keep his promise.

Makers of US-based EVs and legacy automakers like Ford and General Motors would be encouraged with this news. To make electric cars affordable, Biden could introduce rebates or incentives so that consumers can replace gas cars with electric vehicles. In July 2017, Elon Musk had unveiled the Tesla Model 3 electric car.

Big names in the auto industry are involved in electric cars

The Verge adds Ford indicated the introduction of new EVs. They would include the Mustang Mach-E and an electric version of its F-150 pickup truck. General Motors would be spending billions on electric and autonomous vehicles through 2025. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is the richest man on the planet. His focus is on luxury and performance vehicles. Ford has unveiled an electric version of its transit vans. Frequency of auto manufacturers is in harmony to that of Biden, which is a positive sign. These cars would help combat climate change.