Channel One is the biggest TV channel in Russia and it wants to team up with Roscosmos to film a movie in the International Space Station ISS. It wants to follow in the footsteps of Tom Cruise who is in talks with NASA and Elon Musk on this project. He has not disclosed his plans, but the Russians appear to have a head start. Sky News says they have decided on a provisional title “Challenge” and are trying to locate a woman who will star in the first feature film to be shot in space. Roscosmos has also indicated a tentative start date. It plans to begin filming at the ISS in October 2021.

Obviously, they are working on a plan. They know that it is essential to have an element of glamour in the movie and Channel One has launched a competition to locate a woman who can fit the bill.

Sky News mentions finding a leading lady for the movie that will be filmed at the International Space Station. Normally, in such Movies, the production teams create special sets to capture the scenes on celluloid. However, they will use a ready-made space station. That will make it more authentic and might overtake Tom Cruise who also wants to use the backdrop of the space station for one of his movies.

Channel One locked on to the ISS

The Russian TV channel has spelled out the requirements of the woman who would be the star attraction.

The role is of “a real superhero" who could become a big international star. She does not need to be a professional actor but must be Russian and have a clean criminal record. Other requirements are specified for age, height, weight etcetera. Sky News adds that the actor should be physically fit. Channel One has defined the acceptance criterion.

There will be a screen test for the applicants where they have to read a famous letter penned by Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. CEO of Channel One confirmed work on the script is on and it would be as true to life as possible.

Selection procedure for the actress of the ISS movie

The authorities expect a good response because it will be a chance of a lifetime.

Whoever grabs the honor would become famous. Sky News says there would be an initial shortlist of 30 candidates. That will reduce to two after rigorous physical, medical and psychological tests. The lucky duo would undergo training as "cosmonaut-researchers." One will appear in the lead role, the other would be an understudy or stunt double. There would also be a male actor but the selection procedure would be different. The selected candidates will have to spend time to acquire some basic knowledge of space, spacecraft, and the ISS at Cosmonaut School. Three more months of practice will follow. The International Space station ISS is a space lab that has been there for two decades. It is a collaboration of space agencies like Roscosmos and NASA.

The Russian TV channel will use the ISS platform

According to CNN, Russia is on its way to shoot a movie in the ISS. It will be a combined effort of Russia's Channel One, space agency Roscosmos and production company Yellow, Black and White. The objective would be to "popularize Russia's space activities, as well as to glorify the cosmonaut profession." They are looking for a woman who will be a part of the movie and will travel to the ISS in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. This would be a new race for supremacy in space because the Americans already announced plans of Tom Cruise doing something similar with the help of NASA and SpaceX. The Russians are a step ahead of the Americans because the former have named their movie and indicated the start date. Tom Cruise has yet to name his movie. Incidentally, in December 2017, there was news about the possibility of setting up a Russian luxury hotel in the International Space station ISS.