The combination of NASA and SpaceX create history as they successfully send two astronauts to the International Space Station ISS by Crew Dragon spacecraft and bring them back. It was a successful comeback for the American space agency because it was the first time in nine years that it undertook a mission to space from home soil. CNN mentions the two astronauts of NASA who are Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley. They had launched from the Kennedy Space Center on 30 May and are returning after a two-month mission on the skylab. Their journey back to Earth would be of 19 hours duration, and the location of the splashdown would be in the Gulf of Mexico in the middle of Hurricane Isaias.

This climatic disorder is expected to strike the coast of Florida, and both NASA and SpaceX are maintaining a close watch on developments. The landing spot would be on the western coast of Florida, where the waters could be calmer.

It would be a milestone for SpaceX

Elon Musk would be proud of his Crew Dragon spacecraft because it would set a new milestone. SpaceX would see the United States launch astronauts to space with American resources from American soil and become independent of the Russians. NASA had been using the services of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to ferry astronauts to and from the ISS, and it was a costly affair. CNN says the Crew Dragon Endeavour will carry out a well-planned descent from the ISS.

This is a skylab that orbits about 250 miles above Earth, and Dragon would use intermittent engine burns to reduce its altitude. The maneuvers will all be through on-board computers and would be another application of artificial intelligence in the field of space research. Both Behnken and Hurley will have adequate food and water with them in the vehicle and could even manage to get a shut-eye before splashdown.

SpaceX keeps its fingers crossed

Both NASA and SpaceX are worried about the weather with a hurricane on the horizon. The space agency and SpaceX have identified four possible sites in the Gulf of Mexico for the splashdown. In case the weather forecast becomes unfavorable, the astronauts might have to remain in the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, keep orbiting the Earth and make subsequent attempts.

CNN goes on to describe the scenario that the astronauts would have to go through. The vehicle would be traveling at a tremendous speed as it slices through the air. There would be friction between the air and the spacecraft. This would increase the temperature of the external surface of the spacecraft to an unbelievable figure. However, that would not affect those on board because of the presence of a heat shield that would act as a protection. When the time is ready for landing, parachutes will come into play to arrest the speed of descent. In the final stages, its speed would be less than 20 miles per hour. It would be a new experience for Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, who have been accustomed to the Space Shuttle.

Most important part of the SpaceX test flight

According to Sky News, NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will return to Earth after spending two months on the ISS. They will be on the Crew Dragon, and it would be the most important part of the SpaceX test flight on this mode of transport. Elon Musk has developed it to make America independent of Russian transportation to the skylab. Incidentally, he has brought in the concept of reusable rockets to make space flights more economical. SpaceX becomes the first private company to send people into orbit.

Moreover, this was the first crewed mission of NASA from home soil in nine years. Chris Cassidy, the commander of ISS, would remain in the skylab with two Russians until October. The next flight of SpaceX would be the end of September. Boeing is it's rival, and it plans to launch its first crew next year.