Pokemon GO” trainers are on a grind as of late as they try to complete the eight stages of the Celebi Special Research Tasks. Also, Niantic accidentally released event spawns for Japan including a Shiny Wingull and all of them went live for 45 minutes (kudos to those who managed to catch some of these Pokemon). While players are out catching these monsters, a data miner has discovered that the game files recently got updated and they hint at upcoming quests and a new version.

A network traffic analyst of the game who goes by the moniker Chrales recently took to Twitter to reveal what he just dug up in the updated game files of the AR title.

If the analyst’s discovery is anything to go by, the “Pokemon GO” community could be getting these:

  • New quests in connection to Safari (Ralts, Slakoth, and Beldum quests)
  • Special research
  • New version

Chrales also noticed within the files that the Pokedex Gen 4 header text reference got removed. Pokemon GO Hub also covered the analyst’s recent discovery and pointed out that this Pokedex entry title was previously spotted in the game’s network traffic. However, it’s no longer there in the downloaded localization files and it may well seem to suggest that it got added there by mistake. Trainers need not fret though, as it’s a clear indication that Niantic is working on Gen 4 Pokemon to be added in the game.

Yokosuka Safari Zone quest lines

As for the above-mentioned special research quest, dialogues for the Pokemon GO Safari Zone in Yokosuka were also found. Chrales even posted a screenshot of these dialogues alongside his recent tweet as he revealed six of them (including the quest title).

Recent Celebi quest progression bug

Meanwhile, trainers have recently expressed their concerns about an issue that hit the ongoing Celebi quest.

Players are experiencing a bug preventing them from progressing in step 2 or step 6 of “A Ripple in Time” (catching a Pokemon for three consecutive days). Niantic’s Support team officially addressed the issue stating that they are fully aware of it and assured players that there will be no time limit in completing the Special Research.

Prior to the developer’s recent tweet, they advised trainers to log out from their accounts, clearing their caches, force stopping “Pokemon GO,” before restarting their devices. They even stated that the players’ registry of their catch streak may take some time and went on assuring them that it will still be registered. At the time of writing, Niantic has yet to issue a fix for this game breaking bug.